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The Truth about Motivating Employees to be More Productive

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One bad apple in the bunch could mean potential failure for the team so team members worked even harder in an attempt to not let the other team members down. Ensuring employee satisfaction within the department was another way management encouraged production Showed next characters.

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Interactive simulation entitled "Understanding Issues in Organizational Behavior"? Individual Assignment Motivated employees tend to their best work when they feel that they are in an environment that makes them feel valued and appreciated.

When management effectively meets the needs of its employees, production and moral will increase and the bottom line, revenue, will increase as well This paper will examine the common behaviors of employees in the workplace and will try to identify the factors, which affect their motives. In the first part of the paper an already existing literature will be studied. The main purpose of this study will be to identify the existing problems, which occur in the workplace.

The second part will concentrate on identifying the tasks, which could help managers to motivate their employees. Different theories will be examined, and the effect of their applications will be discussed.

The third part will discuss the role of managers in the motivating process. And, finally, the last part will conclude the paper and its findings. This is what gathers people together and gets the work done in the best possible way. Motivation is given a great attention, because it influences every part of the business.

An organization cannot be functioning without people. It cannot be successful without its employees working together as a team toward the same goal.

However, motivating people is one of the most difficult tasks for every manager. Every employee in the company is, first of all, an individual.

As any individual, each employer has its own needs and beliefs. Managers have to find the way to set a required environment for everyone to feel satisfied and necessary for the company. We can write a custom research paper on Employee Motivation for you! Motivation in the workplace and its major difficulties The problems in the workplace usually arise because of two things: Inability to perform a task can be caused by a misunderstanding between an employee and a manager.

Workers might not fully understand their responsibilities and tasks within the company. In this case manager can solve the problem by giving clear guidelines and explaining in details, what an employee is responsible for. Inability to perform tasks correctly, on the other hand, is a more important and complex issue. This problem is, usually, caused by the hidden needs and beliefs of an employee. If, for example, a person was raised in the family, where punctuality was never given a great importance, he or she might experience problems with being on time at the meetings and at work in general.

In this case a manager must go deeper into an issue and not just tell the employee, how to work and what to do. It might be easier for a person to quit the job than to change his or her beliefs and habits. However, it might be risky for the company to lose a valuable worker. The major problems arise in the workplace, when a manager needs to decide what leadership style and, consequently, organizational culture to use within a company. The decision of choosing between awarding and punishing techniques appears to be the most difficult and needs a careful examination.

There are issues, which are connected to both approaches, and they will be discussed later in the paper. It was mentioned above that each person has his or her own needs and beliefs.

Abraham Maslow, however, was the first one, who has developed a theory, where he divided and explained in details certain behavioral features of separate individuals.

He explains that in order for a person to exist, he, first of all, needs to have food, water, sleep, breathing, etc. All these things, according to Maslow, are necessary in order for the person to be able to move forward and to work on his personal traits.

Moreover, Maslow explains that these are the most important needs for every person, which provide him with the initial satisfaction. Safety needs come after physiological ones.

People need to feel secure about where they are going to sleep, how they are going to earn money and, consequently, support their families. Next need is a need for socializing. Each person needs to belong to a certain group of people in order not to feel alone and unneeded. He needs to feel love and affection in order to feel more confident and successful.

Whenever previous three needs are satisfied, person moves forward and experiences the necessity in the respect of other people around him, self-esteem, confidence, recognition, achievement, etc. Person needs to feel he has a purpose in life and is able to set his own goals.

The last, but no least, is the need for self-actualization. The process of self-actualizing is very complex and tricky, since the needs in this category are not easy to understand. This knowledge is very useful, since it can assist in approaching an employee from a correct perspective. The problem can be solved relatively easily, if it becomes clear that a person has a difficulty with satisfying one of the above mentioned needs. Motivating employees, however, is not only about finding out about their five basic categories of needs.

Even if the problem is connected to them, manager has to find a correct approach in order to clear things up and improve the way an employee feels in the company. Hawthorne study was designed in order to find out whether physical factors influence employees behavior in the workplace. It has not shown any specific results; however, it helped to understand another important issue.

After a study was completed it became clear that workers started working harder after they have felt an increased attention from their managers. During the study, managers were constantly around their employees for analyzing changes in their behavior, and, as a result, it has caused workers willing to work more and harder. The study has also shown that a performance of the workers was influenced by the ability of managers to handle a communication within the team.

Researchers understood that a workplace is a social system for the employees, and that it is highly important to create a pleasant environment within the company for people to feel safe and tranquil. Theory X and Theory Y. Theory X claims that all workers try to avoid extra tasks, because they dislike working.

Apart from that, it says that people are afraid to take responsibility and must be guided and controlled most of the time. It argues that setting a precarious environment within the company is incorrect, because there are only two proper ways of motivating: According to this theory, however, employees have to behave and work according to the rules set by their managers.

Theory Y, on the other hand, leaves a place for self-analyses and creativity in the workplace. It claims that an employee can motivate himself in a pleasant working environment. This theory assumes that a worker will not even be afraid to take responsibility and will try to work more and harder.

It emphasizes an importance of a pleasant and satisfying environment within the company. It claims that by analyzing the changes, which happen in every person, managers can have a clearer picture of how to approach their employees.

First assumption claims that with time people become more active and movable. Then it claims that adults are less dependent on other people. Third assumption is that adults have a tendency to change their ways of behavior. Fourth says that with time people get more attached to their interests.

In fifth assumption Argyris claims that adults become influenced not only by present, but also by the past and future. Sixths assumes that all the adults are on more or less the same level. This is important, because it shows that people have to be regarded as separate and different individuals. It also shows that, according to the level of immaturity or maturity of a person, he needs an absolutely different approach.

Motivating Employees: Organizational Justice, Workforce Unity and Employee Development

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