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Nursing research paper topics

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Research Papers Topics
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Applied Nursing Research

How can parents be better supported in neo-natal units? Should euthanasia be legalized? How can nurses help bereaved family members make the decision to donate organs from their loved one?

How can midwifes support both doctors and patients? Is midwifery as a profession under-rated? How can major trauma units be run more efficiently and cost-effectively? Should cost-efficiency savings even come into the equation in life or death situations? How can pharmaceutical companies be compelled to better balance patient need with their need to turn a significant profit?

How can general medical practitioners better support nursing staff in their practices? Should nurses be allowed to prescribe antibiotics without the need to run it past a doctor?

Explore the benefits of doing this. What can be done to prevent nurses burning out within the NHS? Does government policy directly impact upon recruitment of nurses? Can nurses play an enhanced role in encouraging patients with dementia to eat and drink?

How does extreme weather impact upon the workload of nurses in the community? Should obese nurses be forced to diet or lose their jobs as they set a bad example to patients? Why do you talk about the first more than the latter? How would you describe a healthy community?

One nurses journey Long term care nursing in rural environments Med surg nursing: Is it right for you? Medication errors and understaffing Mental health nursing: Career options for graduating nurses Modes of transmission: Communicable diseases Nurse sensitive errors and nurse-patient ratios Nurses and virtual learning environments: Understanding limits in nursing education Nursing education: Know your learning style so you can help yourself Nursing education: Medical simulation for nurses Other words for compassion: What nurses need to know Patient acuity tools and proper scheduling Patient engagement and job satisfaction for nurses Perinatal nursing in communities with high maternal and infant mortality Philosophies of nursing leadership Postpartum education and the reduction of postpartum depression: The role of nurses Profit based health care delivery systems and nursing Range of motion exercises: ROM and rehabilitation nursing Recruiting and retaining nurses Relationship theory in nursing Social determinants of health and the roles of nurses Summary and analysis: Why nurses should be full partners with physicians The BMI lie: How profits and bias got the CDC to ignore its own findings The practice of emotional intelligence: Anyway if you get the journal names, or book names or whatever off of highbeam you might be able to access the articles somewhere else like the library, or ask your school librarian for help.

Again, if you just need to write an essay that gets you in the mode of thinking 'evidence based nursing' try this: Somebody previously posted an article about Ignez Semmelweis not sure of spelling. It was a great article and it bespeaks towards the end of the article about the dangers of ignoring EBN. This guy provided EBN data that could have prevented puerperal fever in large part; he did so at a time prior to the use of EBN and offended his colleagues.

My thanks to whoever posted it to begin with. On my selfish part I am starting to develop a portfolio of "technical writing" examples. It took me 10 minutes to do the search and about an hour and a half to write this reply. I tried running through the instructions myself, from scratch, after writing this. It worked for me.

Let me know if you found this easy to follow, or terribly convoluted either way, I'd really like honest feedback. Sep 7, '11 by roser13 , ASN Joined: Spending an hour and a half to help someone with her homework! You are either very bored or very generous. There are also many nursing journals you should be able to access from your school library. I like Cinahl, Medline, Cochrane.

You will be able to enter your search parameters. As the others stated, make it a topic you are interested in, otherwise you'll put off the research and the actual writing. Sep 7, '11 by Jenni Occupation: I did my senior research project on therapeutic hypothermia for patients after cardiac arrest. As in, is it an effective treatment option in preventing neurological damage or decrease the mortality??

There was a lot out there on it. Another one i did was patients on ventilators, getting them up and walking to prevent pneumonia. Lots out there, just find something that interests you, or something you have seen in clinicals. If you like pressure sores and wounds, you could do something like the use of Honey in treatment of sores. Sep 7, '11 by sunkissed75 Occupation: We had to do one every semester in my program for clinicals.

I did one on pressure ulcer prevention once. I actually found a quatitative article on preventative measures. It was evaluating the effectiveness of the Braden scale.

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The article teaches why it is a must to choose a good topic for research paper on nursing, also the main topics on nursing and questions to them.

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In the course of nursing training and part of education curriculum an aspiring nurse must do several research papers. We have come up with unique topics to enable you clinch that A+ in your course work.

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Nursing paper topics are often determined by the instructor. For the most part, there is little leeway to express creativity. Fortunately, even if creativity is not an option, personal interest is. Nursing students can focus on the kind of work that inspires them. How to Get Interesting Research Paper Topics in Nursing. Most students who study nursing are often surprised to find there is a fair amount of research writing involved before certifications and licenses to practice are awarded.

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Sep 08,  · Hi all. I am a student nurse. For my assignment, I have to write an essay based on evidence practice nursing. I am struggling to find a topic. I am thinking about: risk assessment tools to. Hi all. I am a student nurse. If you just want an existing research paper . Choosing research topics in nursing can be a bit difficult. Your research paper topic and report has to be simple yet unique. There is a vast array of nursing research topics that you can choose from.