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Paper Towns

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❶Radar and Ben convince Quentin to stop by the school on his way out of town, to explain

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The image of strings breaking inside a person becomes a dominant metaphor that several characters use throughout Paper Towns. On their adventure around Central Florida, Margo describes herself as a paper girl, and says that her friends are the only strings still holding her to Florida. Over the course of the night, Margo cuts the strings that tie her to her friends and past, one by one. Detective Warren also uses the image of strings when he describes Margo to Quentin.

He likens Margo to a balloon that has cut its strings and is drifting away. The detective uses the metaphor to encourage Quentin not to spend all his time searching for Margo, because if Margo wants to leave and float away, no one on ground will be able to stop her. For Margo, strings are shackles that she must cut away in order to be free. However, for Quentin, strings and connections they imply are what ground him and give him strength.

Margo has cut the strings that tie her to Orlando, but these strings still exist in the form of her Woody Guthrie poster and highlighted Walt Whitman poem, among other clues. Throughout Paper Towns , maps and mapping represent an effort to take control in a world that seems chaotic. Maps symbolize possibility and potential for Margo. On a map, one can dream to go anywhere. For the longest time, it felt kind of like my chest was cracking open, but not precisely in an unpleasant way.

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LitCharts From the creators of SparkNotes, something better. Paper Towns by John Green. Download this Lit Guide! Ben is goofy, frank, and often insensitive, but he is sincerely loyal to his friends and supports Quentin in his search for Margo despite having little personal interest in the mission.

Like his friends, Ben begins the novel as an outcast. When he begins dating Lacey , however, Ben finds himself included among many of the popular kids who tormented him in school. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one: Part 1, Chapter 1 Quotes. Page Number and Citation: Plus so much more Part 2, Chapter 9 Quotes. Part 2, Chapter 14 Quotes. Radar speaker , Quentin Jacobsen , Ben Starling.

Part 2, Chapter 16 Quotes. Leaving Home and Growing Up. Part 2, Chapter 17 Quotes. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance. Part 1, Chapter 1. He learns from his best friend Ben Starling that another of their friends, Radar, has made plans to go to prom with Ben and Quentin meet Radar in the hall. Radar deflects conversation about his relationship with Angela During lunch, Ben admits he wants to go to prom even though Quentin thinks the idea is stupid Talking with Radar after lunch, Quentin and Ben tell him about their conversation with Angela.

They tease Radar about the real reason his Part 1, Chapter 7. Part 2, Chapter 1. Quentin is exhausted, and falls asleep in his first period class. After school, Ben drops Quentin off at home. Part 2, Chapter 2. Part 2, Chapter 3. Part 2, Chapter 4. Warren to leave the house. Quentin shows the album to Radar and Ben.

They take the album from its sleeve and are disappointed to find that there is Quentin spends the rest of the afternoon reading the longest poem Part 2, Chapter 5. Lacey insists she knew nothing, and tells Ben and Quentin that she has just broken up with her boyfriend because he was hiding A few minutes into class, he sees Ben doing a victory dance outside the classroom door — Lacey has agreed to go to At lunch, Quentin finds Ben and Lacey waiting at his locker.

Lacey tells Quentin that Margo never allowed people into He wonders whether Margo was trying to make a comment about close-mindedness.

Part 2, Chapter 6. Quentin, Radar, and Ben return to Jefferson Park. Quentin and Radar follow Ben back to his house.

They play video games and discuss Margo. Ben insists that Margo Still, he cannot stomach the idea Part 2, Chapter 7. Later that evening, Ben calls Quentin. He is preparing to go shopping with Lacey, to help her pick shoes He calls Ben and announces a plan to drive to Bartlesville Avenue that night. Ben tells Quentin that Part 2, Chapter 8.

She leaves for work, telling him to call if he needs anything. Ben and Radar arrive shortly after she leaves. They are blasting music, and the three of Ben tells Quentin they should leave and bring the police. Radar insists they cannot leave until Part 2, Chapter 9. Quentin, Radar, and Ben walk around the back of the building and discover the bloated corpse of a raccoon Radar attempts to open a door, but has no success. Ben decides he is going to break through the particleboard covering the windows, and though Quentin In the room beyond, there is another hole.

Quentin, Ben , and Radar climb through both holes and emerge into what Ben recognizes as an abandoned Poking around the room, it becomes clear that Margo is not there. Ben notices a patch of wall that seems to have been recently painted.

Part 2, Chapter

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A quiz based off of events and characters from the book "Paper Towns" by John Green. Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Who was your favorite character in the novel, Paper Towns? My favorite character by-far was Ben Starling, one of Q's best friends. Ben is the funniest character in the book because every line that came out of his mouth made me laugh.