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Reflection paper on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

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Genetically Modified Food Essay

Essay title: Genetically Modified Food
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This claim is the infamous Seralini paper, which was retracted, and recently republished, in a different journal without being peer reviewed. But the strain of rat used was predisposed to tumors. The paper did not perform statistical analyses and used too few rats, so it was not possible to determine if the tumors were due to the food, the chemical or to the fact that the strain of rats would get tumors regardless of what they were fed.

An overview of the criticisms regarding this paper can be found here. This claim relates to glyphosate, an herbicide used in tandem with herbicide resistant genetically modified crops.

The cited paper examines the impact of glyphosate on breast cancer cell growth. These researchers took two breast cancer cell lines: They found that glyphosate has similar impact on breast cancer growth as estrogen, although the relationship was not as strong, and it did not have an impact on the proliferation of the non-hormone sensitive breast cancer cell line. The paper had numerous technical problems, including the absence of data on controls, a potentially critical omission.

Additionally, there actually seems to be a protective effect at higher concentrations of glyphosate: Such research is of limited real-world value. The cells are often finicky and need plenty of TLC in order to grow well; different cell lines can also behave very differently.

Monsanto wrote a response to the paper noting that many studies examined the potential carcinogenicity of glyphosate and none has found that the compound causes cancer. Monsanto pointed out that even this finding is contrary to the body of evidence that exists on the topic. But the study must be reproduced and its issues ironed out. Round-up Ready crops and the use of glyphosate is not limited to GMOs.

There does not seem to be a scientific consensus on the topic of soy intake in breast cancer patients, although several publications have examined this issue without finding a positive correlation examples here , here , and here.

No peer reviewed, published scientific study makes such claims. The paper that led to this health claim does not constitute research. The paper was reviewed by science journalist Keith Kloor at Discover Magazine who aptly compared it to a Glenn Beck chalkboard drawing. The claims were printed in a pay-for-play journal also known as predatory journal , meaning that for a fee, one can get nearly anything published.

This claim is based on a paper published in the Journal of Environmental and Analytical Toxicology, owned by the Omics publishing group- a notorious predatory publishing company.

The authors examined glyphosate levels in humans and different animals. Any of these could invalidate the study. In the study on which this claim is based, the researchers gave pigs GMO feed and non-GMO feed and identified the differences between the two groups.

The paper has been thoroughly challenged by many journalists and scientists:. There are three papers associated with this bullet point. The first one is a review and I agree with a few of the points it makes. It highlights the need for standardized tests and statistics in animal feeding studies for GMOs, and anyone who followed the Seralini debacle would probably agree.

It summarizes papers that have performed feeding studies and their results. One other example is B. In that way the plant produces its own pesticide protection against insects. These kinds of food are already on the market, some countries have restrictions on the import of these items, but other countries like U.

The question raising is how people can benefit from these foods and the greatest good we can achieve through this technology that will benefit us the most and what procedures should we perform in order to achieve the highest possible benefit from it. Since the technology is still not researched enough and still a lot of countries are implementing the GMFs in their stores without even realizing the possible risks involved with this type of foods.

It seems that everyone has a strong opinion about GM foods. I think the biggest question is how can we benefit from this technology and avoid the problems that might occur. One of the main advantages mentioned is the increase of the amount of food in the world which can be beneficial for third world countries where food and resources are scarce.

Since the world population has reached 6 billion people and is expected to rise drastically in the next 50 years especially in Southeast Asia and Africa, one often wonders how all the food is going to be produced and nevertheless have quality and nutrition to feed all the population. The answer could lie in the GMFs and their widespread usage in the market. Nowadays it is possible to breed, plants and animals with improved nutritional and health benefits to humans.

Due to higher pollution and the spread of cities and exploitation, there is less soil available for crop and plant growth and some of it is used for non efficient purposes. We can use this type of foods to prevent diseases by matching food with certain vaccines and medications that will reduce the cost in health industry and the number of diseases and therefore the number of deaths from curable diseases in the world.

Also with this type of food people can get more nutrition by eating only several types of foods instead of many.

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Genetically Modified Food Research Paper This sample Genetically Modified Food Research Paper is published for educational and informational purposes only. If you need help writing your assignment, please use our research paper writing service and buy a paper on any topic at affordable price.

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Tips on how to start a research paper on genetically modified food can assist the writer to develop an interesting paper. The first step is to choose a topic since a lot of information exists under genetically modified organisms. The topic should be specific for a more focused research.

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Paper Masters Custom Research Papers on Genetically Modified Foods. Paper Masters writes custom research papers on Genetically Modified Foods and discuss the development of recombinant DNA techniques that allow the desired genes to be inserted into the plant genomes resulting in . Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Food Type of paper: Research Papers Subject: Health Words: The question of genetically modified foods is one of the most controversial nowadays and many public interest groups and environmental organizations have been actively protesting against them.

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Read this Business Research Paper and over 88, other research documents. Genetically Modified Food. Genetically Modified Food Genetically modified foods are the plants that are modified in the laboratory through procedures of improving their /5(1). These foods include soy beans, corn, and dairy products; and the first genetically modified plant, a tobacco plant, was created in (Canion 1). There is currently a debate going on about the genetically modified foods Americans consume, and the effects it has on animals and the environment.1/5(2).