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❶Shang cities were surrounded by defensive walls and gates. Fireball would you marry a Muslim?

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Do this Dynasty instead! The Tang was the golden age of China. Many inventions were made during this time we still use today. Gunpowder inadvertently made by Alchemist trying to make an elixir of immorality. Paper greatly contributed to the spread and development of civilization. I think the Qing would be very interesting to study. It was the last dynasty before the revolution.

I think it would be interesting to look at all the factors that led to the failure of the Qing monarchy world democracy movements, economics, industrial revolution, development of world trade, wars and factors totally outside of China's control and then to speculate about how things could have been different, if only the monarchy had been more forward thinking.

For instance, what if the Empress Ceci had strengthened her military and invested in industrial infrastructure which would have enabled China to ward off colonial powers?

After the British burned the Summer Palace, she took funds from the Navy and rebuilt a new one instead of shoring up her own military! What if she had participated in democratic reform instead of having her own son the emperor in name put under house arrest for his activities to promote democracy and incidentally had his favorite concubine put to death because of the wife's influence over him?

What if she had put reforms in place to reduce the power of warlords and unify the country? History could have been so different! It's even an interesting question, how could the Empress Dowager amass so much power?! How ruthless was she?! But it's not just an exercise in the "what if's" of history, because the lessons of the past are still new enough that they could be applied forward to the future. China still faces challenges of the industrial revolution and of incorporating the ideas of the educated elite into its political, social, and economic system.

They built mud banks to try and hold back flooding. Defensive walls and towers were also built of mud. Shang society was divided into different classes. At the top were the ruling class under the royal family , then came priests , an administrative class, warriors, craftsmen, traders, farmers and slaves. Most people were farmers. Noble warriors paid tributes to the Emperor who granted them land in return for their loyalty.

The Shang were specialists in bronze work and many beautiful artefacts have been recovered from their tombs. The Shang believed in a supreme God, Shang Di , as well as subsidiary powers or spirits.

Ancestor worship and the family were central to their religious practice. They also believed in an afterlife and were buried with the goods, slaves and animals they believed would be useful to them.

The Shang were the first Chinese to develop writing. They used pictographs , characters which could convey more than one meaning. The Shang year of days was comprised of 12 months of 30 days. It was based on the lunar month and the solar year.

An additional month was added when necessary. In order to predict the future, or ask questions of the gods, people would engrave questions on oracle bones tortoise shells or cow bones. Chinese people used to grind down these ancient animal bones to make traditional medicines. In some scholars noticed engravings on the bones and discovered they had come from North East China. In excavations began and evidence of the Shang was discovered. Start of Shang dynasty. Large scale bronze production occurs.

Capital of dynasty is at Yin, near Anyang. Death of Lady Fu Hao; spoke wheeled chariots in use. End of Shang Dynasty. The Shang dynasty was said to have come to power when Tang Shang defeated the evil King Jie of the the Xia Dynasty , but historians believe that the Xia dynasty may be legendary rather than real. Tai Wu , the ninth Shang Emperor, reportedly ruled for 75 years. She led an army of 10, men. Her tomb contains the remains of 16 slaves and six dogs who were sacrificed when she died.

The Shang enjoyed music and played ocarinas, pipes, drums, chimes, cymbals and bells. Emperor Zhou , the last Shang Emperor, was said to have been very cruel.

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Improved homework resources designed to support a variety of curriculum subjects and Get an answer for How influential was the Han Dynasty on Chinese history? and find homework help for other Ancient and Dynastic China, Liu Bang Captures Qin Capital Kids learn about the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China including its history, culture, early.

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Ming Dynasty (–) Courtesy of the National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China Having restored Chinese rule to China, the first Ming emperor tried to model his rule after that of the Han, but the Ming fell far short of the Han’s accomplishments. The Song dynasty marked a high point in the history of Chinese pottery, when technical mastery, refinement of feeling, and a natural spontaneity of technique were more perfectly balanced than at any time in Chinese history.