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Mark Carney predicts £16bn economic ‘bounce’ with Chequers Brexit deal

❶Nike shares reach record high one week after debut of ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick Nike shares reached an all-time high Thursday after the sportswear company was blasted last week by Trump and protesters upset with its ad campaign featuring athlete Colin Kaepernick.

UK weather forecast: Britain braced for MEGA CYCLONE - ‘DANGER TO LIFE’ warning issued

‘Relentless’ Hurricane Florence leaves hundreds trapped as it sweeps across US East Coast
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‘Raab is a f***ing nightmare' - Downing Street aide's SHOCK claim about Brexit Secretary

In an interview with filmmaker John Bravo on Wednesday, Machine, who has since married a prison pen pal, said he 'hated' who he used to be and asked for his ex's forgiveness. There's not a day that goes by that I don't regret that and I hate it. Nobody hates me as much as I hate the man that I used to be. I'm sorry for what happened,' he said. Dan Steffen, who hosted a radio show out of his home in Plano, Texas, pleaded guilty to eight charges related to child sex abuse and attempted capital murder in Collin County court on Thursday.

The multi-millionaire husband of Serena Williams has broken his silence in the wake of his partners melt down at the US Open and the cartoon controversy that followed.

Alexis Ohanian Sr left, with Williams , 35, claims the cartoon right , drawn by Herald Sun cartoonist Mark Knight, was both 'racist' and 'misogynistic' in a Twitter post inset on Thursday. Startling new research has found that people are more at risk of skin cancer than previously thought- putting into question our relationship with 'sun safe' messaging. Researchers in the US, UK and Netherlands reviewed 12 studies on the health outcomes of infants and children who received a daily probiotic supplement.

They were 'surprised' by the results. Crews are working under a tight deadline to install an overhead protection system, essentially a canopy, to protect people from falling glass or debris at San Francisco's Millennium Tower. A Bored Panda gallery has revealed the jokes from social media users around the world that got somewhat lost in translation - and they're guaranteed to leave you cringing. From left to right: One person corrects the word in a joke, missing the point completely.

This joker tricks his friend with a 'chicken crossed the road' joke and a 'knock knock' joke. This person's joke about their colourblind diagnosis confuses some. While this funny Twitter joke about a friend's blood type is missed by one user. This ironic joke about a child's intelligence is missed by a Twitter user. Finally, this woman is convinced she's smart but doesn't realise she's already missed the joke. Boxing legend-turned-promoter Oscar De La Hoya has not run away from controversy while promoting Saturday's highly anticipated rematch between Saul Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin.

Two-time super featherweight world champion boxer and Baltimore native Gervonta Davis was arrested early Friday morning in Washington D.

She said she quickly found she had more energy after trying it for a week, before moving to Bali two years later to fully commit to the diet. Researcher from Warsaw University found that when eaten alongside plenty of fruits and veg, the three treats reduce a person's risk of dying from heart disease by 20 per cent and cancer by 13 per cent.

While packing for a holiday can be hard work, it doesn't always have to be. In fact there's a set of rules you can follow to make this process streamlined and simple. And it will also save you space. Israeli soldiers today killed three protesters at the Gaza border including an year-old boy, Palestinian medical officials say.

Casarez killed Petra and four others in a shooting on Wednesday. Katie Bower, a mother of five based in Atlanta, Georgia, shared a post with her 52, Instagram followers on Thursday, in which she discussed the attacks and how they have impacted her.

Police are investigating after a Paul Walker tribute in West Covina on Wednesday to honor what would have been the late actor's 45th birthday ended with two security guards being assaulted. Family attorney Ben Crump said the search warrant police conducted on Botham Jean's apartment is a 'disgusting attempt to assassinate the character of a wonderful young man.

Fox ran 'chyron' captions during the interview including 'Creepy Porn Lawyer Toying with run. Several parents at Bethel Park High School contacted local media expressing concern at the hyper-realistic drill after school officials sent an email about the exercise on Thursday.

Jennifer Jordan, 36, penned an honest essay explaining how she 'confused' law enforcement officers when she got arrested because she was a 'young, educated white girl'. Jordan, who is now based in Charlotte, North Carolina, served time in jail and in juvenile facilities from the age of 14 and until she was 21 years old. She recalled some of the remarks she heard at various times during her arrests, including 'You shouldn't be here', 'But, you're so smart', and 'What a waste'.

Jordan pictured right in a recent shot and left in a juvenile correctional facility in an archive photo then outlined the many ways in which her family's support, including financial help, helped her turn her life around. Pictured inset are some of her past arrest warrants. According to a study by researchers at the National University of Ireland, Galway, adults insecure in their relationships may use Facebook to fulfil their attachment needs. NYPD detective Nela Gomez said she was forced to hand over her gun and shield and take a psych test after she reported that her boss Lt.

Robert Delaney physically assaulted her. An unidentified woman in a Georgia Bed, Bath and Beyond store was spotted wearing only lingerie and tennis shoes, but rather than admit she's wearing undergarments, she says, 'It's a bathing suit.

The video was first shared on YouTube by Chrystal Akridge of Swainsboro, where the chain housewares store is located, in April. A Virginia winery has lost almost its entire crop of grapes in a nighttime theft, just hours before it was to be harvested. Traces of drilling have now been discovered not only inside the spacecraft's living compartment, but also 'on the screen of the anti-meteorite shield', Russian space agency sources have claimed.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo defeated Democratic primary challenger Cynthia Nixon by getting twice as many votes to win his party's nomination for a third term. Only 24 aye-ayes are known to be alive in the US, spread across seven zoos. Tonk and her parents, Bellatrix and Smeagol, make three now in Denver. It's unknown how many of this particular breed of lemur are alive in the wild, as they're notoriously difficult to spot because they spend all of their lives in trees.

The primates are native to Madagascar, where they are sometimes thought to be an 'omen of evil. Meghan, 37, manages to keep a low-key profile when out and about in London, sources say. However, she and Prince Harry are said to spend most of their weekends in the Cotswolds.

McCloskey was arrested at his Missouri home on Thursday after video shows him driving onto the sidewalk to speed around a school bus picking up children. Lifestyle blogger Amy Eade, of Hull, sparked a social media frenzy when she tweeted that red, yellow and green bell peppers all come from the same plant.

Lataro Island main picture , which lies off the coast of Vanuatu in the south Pacific, features sandy beaches, luxury accommodation and wildlife including owls, eagles, parrots and the endangered coconut crab. Some 90 per cent of the island is a conservation reserve, with almost four miles of coral reef surrounding it in the immaculate ocean. The owner's residence is made up of four separate buildings connected by covered walkways. It includes a kitchen, bar and dining area as well as a sun lounge area top left and swimming pool top right.

Researchers at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, found restaurant food can be surprisingly high in calories and even the chefs cooking the meals do not always know how unhealthy they are. Operating in a regulatory blind spot, DIYers could upset the status quo for drug production. It's risky but researchers say it's the only way to help struggling Americans to survive.

Mosquitoes the size of a quarter have been biting the people of Texas. Recent wet weather has made the area very attractive for mosquitoes to breed. As a result, the population has grown. Amber Guyger, 30, appears in the video putting her head in her hands as she is booked for manslaughter for the death of Botham Jean, 26, her St Lucian neighbor who she shot dead.

The cellar at the Milestii Mici winery in Moldova is so massive that the owners felt it necessary to put up street names to stop visitors getting lost. The subterranean wine kingdom was formerly a limestone mine that was converted into the huge wine cellar in the s.

When the mine closed, it became the perfect wine cellar for the neighbouring vineyard as the limestone walls retain humidity and keep the temperature cool, which are the ideal conditions for vintage red wine. A couple tied the knot at the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley and got to take photos inside the facility, with a Russian grizzly bear in the background.

He died from from blunt force trauma described as a 'sucker punch' which caused his insides to 'explode'. Researchers from George Mason University, Virginia, found that women with the chemicals BPA and parabens in their urine produce higher levels of oestrogen, which can affect fertility. The tenth annual Norwegian Death Diving World Championships, which took place in Oslo, saw Emil Lybekk being crowned winner of the risky sport with his sideways sausage roll jump.

Elon Musk pictured, left made the announcement about the the strange sounding observation post at the firm's headquarters in Hawthorne, California, to his followers on Twitter.

Travellers have taken to US-based online forum Reddit to share the worst experiences they have had at 38,ft. You'll definitely feel for them Mayor Max is the elected mayor of the picturesque mountainside town of Idyllwild, California. The town held their first animal election in , where 14 cats and 2 dogs ran for the place of mayor. The Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, held yesterday at Harvard University in Massachusetts, awarded weird and wonderful scientific studies as part of an annual tradition held by a satirical journal.

When it comes to looking toned, many professionals will tell you it's not about how hard you go in your workouts, but how often you go and work out. And now, one personal trainer has illustrated that in supremely clear fashion. Chontel Duncan left, centre and right , from Brisbane, recently uploaded a comparison photograph to her Instagram profile , in which she compares herself and her body at age 18 to how it looks at age 30, or now.

This is the tiny tropical island of Alabat in the Philippines, which has become famous for the pairs of twins - including 78 non-identical and 22 identical twins dominating the population. The warning has been spotted in the beta version of the latest edition of Windows 10, currently being tested with users who are part of its 'Insiders' initiative to gauge public reaction. Jenny, 39, took to Instagram this week to post a picture of herself at the U.

Open along with the photo agency's caption calling her the 'wife of Jason Biggs. Rusbel Zamorano-Calderon, 39, was captured by border patrol agents trying to cross the border in Ysleta, around 15 miles south of El Paso, Texas, on Tuesday. Ashley, a year-old technical support assistant from Boise, Idaho, is a member of Seeking. Experts had been trying to save the emaciated four-year-old known as J50, who was part of a critically endangered population of killer whales in the Pacific Northwest that now numbers just Forty-nine people in total were charged as part of the investigation.

The cops not only allegedly helped the ring leader, a former Vice detective, but had sex with the prostitutes while on duty. A photo of a seemingly invisible car has baffled internet users after it was posted online. The owner had washed his car so thoroughly that it perfectly reflected its surroundings in its paintwork. The photo clearly stumped Reddit users, with one admitting it took them more than two minutes to find the car.

Luis Gomez was full of energy as he spoke to DailyMail. Russian agents and other malicious groups seeking to influence elections in the US and elsewhere have repeatedly used images and video for fake news campaigns.

Canelo ate at Sonora Grill in February alongside businessman Carlos Slim and Clinton, after they had all watched a baseball in the Mexican's hometown of Guadalajara.

Carol Ballweg, 46, from Missouri, admitted to having an opioid addiction when police searched her home. Ballweg's daughter, who was in hospice care, was prescribed fentanyl and oxycodone. After years of campaigns, US health regulators have agreed to hold a public meeting of medical advisers in to discuss the safety and dangers of silicone breast implants.

Tony Ferguson, 33, said he spotted an eerie silhouette with glowing eyes at Hurst Castle in Hampshire. In footage of the ghostly moment, a grey figure appears to move closer to the window - looking out from inside the castle. Mr Ferguson believes the apparition is the spirit of a former castle caretaker that he reportedly encountered on a previous visit to the artillery fort.

The clip, filmed at a corner shop in China, captured the cup of ramen as it exploded into the air without being touched. Some believe the ghostly movement was 'paranormal activity. Chances are you probably don't spend too much time examining your tongue. But according to Australian Chinese medical practitioner Waveny Holland it can reveal a lot about your health.

A firm is appealing for people with land to host these quirky tiny homes - as long as they rent them out to holidaymakers. Tiny homes, which can be transported anywhere are an unusual alternative to staying in a hotel. Incredible images show the portable homes with sleek modern kitchens, cosy bedrooms and even a staircase.

The footage, believed to have been filmed in Kenya, shows the 14 steps which vets would take to save the wounded animals in the wild. Firing a dart from a helicopter to deliver the anaesthetic, the medics watch as the huge animal stands still, loses the strength in its hind legs and then topples on its side.

Working quickly, the vets prepare the animal for treatment by moving to keep its airway open and cleaning the arrow wounds. They then administer a reversal drug to lift the effect of the anaesthetic. Yessenia and Eric, from Houston, Texas, decided to have a gender reveal party with their friends and family in attendance.

The boat is initially seen travelling upon deceptively calm waters. But moments later, the gigantic humpback's tail emerged from the water. Jane Fonda declares that an 'avalanche' of sexual misconduct allegations are coming in the wake of Les Moonves' firing The Oscar-winning actress was out in Los Angeles on Thursday night to promote her new documentary, where she was asked to comment on the news that CBS had forced Les Moonves to resign.

Sarah Hailey Kylie Sarah Hailey. Kate's mission to rescue kids at risk: Trump will visit areas affected by Hurricane Florence next week White House says as president's mid-term campaign schedule remains on hold President Trump was due to receive an emergency preparedness update in the Situation Room on Friday afternoon. So why IS the observatory closed?

Sunspot says mercury spill isn't behind mysterious evacuation and insists they have NOT made contact with aliens, despite claims of UFO sightings Some people have suggested that the facility suffered a leak at its Richard B. Bob Woodward says he would release tapes of conversations he documented in his book 'Fear' if his sources asked him to ''Yes, I think that, yes. Jeff Bezos takes Trump head on: Amazon founder and Washington Post owner says the president is using 'dangerous' language to describe the media Amazon founder Jeff Bezos pushed back on Donald Trump's characterization of news outlets as the 'enemy of the people' and called the president's anti-media rhetoric 'dangerous.

Pompeo unloads on Kerry for 'unseemly and unprecedented' interference in U. Obama says HE is responsible for the booming economy, brands Trump a 'demagogue' who is a threat to democracy and attacks culture of 'celebrating bullies' as he pleads with Americans to vote in mid-terms Obama spoke in Cleveland, Ohio on Thursday where he claimed responsibility for the booming economy and branded Trump a 'demagogue' who is a threat to democracy.

From 'Obama's jews' to a 'European hot dog stand for a modern Ukraine' - inside Paul Manafort's conspiracy to defraud the government and conceal millions through off-shore accounts, bank loans and off-the-books lobbying Donald Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort developed an elaborate scheme to engage in off-the-books efforts to pressure the U.

Under fire with Harry the hero: American officer who fought the Taliban with the prince tells DailyMailTV how he was cool as a cucumber as missiles rained down — and refused to use his royal title Colonel William Connor has revealed the secrets of life on the frontline with Prince Harry in and , when the royal served in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan as a British cavalry officer during sustained fighting with anti-government forces.

University of Maryland under fire for creating 'safe space for white students' to talk about race and calling it 'White awake' The group was called White Awake and offered Caucasian students who wanted to learn how to become an 'ally to minorities' a place to share their feelings and thoughts. If the shoe fits! SpaceX announces plans to send a tourist around the moon in its BFR rocket but Elon Musk's company is staying tight-lipped about who bought the ticket until next week!

FEMA is evicting thousands of displaced Puerto Ricans from 'temporary' housing where they've lived since Hurricane Maria struck a year ago Federal Emergency Management Agency workers were due to evict families on Friday, displacing scores of women and children that have no where else to live. Nike shares reach record high one week after debut of ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick Nike shares reached an all-time high Thursday after the sportswear company was blasted last week by Trump and protesters upset with its ad campaign featuring athlete Colin Kaepernick.

President of California children's charity, 45, is arrested trying to meet up with year-old girl for sex Bryan Rosenthal, 45, was taken into custody in Vallejo on Tuesday after showing up to the meeting where he was confronted by police officers.

How Apple charges more each year for its handsets. Apple Watch's new EKG feature has FDA 'clearance' for the wrong people - and could send thousands on wasted trips to the ER, cardiologist warns Apple Watch 4's new EKG feature was met with fanfare and given FDA clearance but that just means it safely detects heart arrhythmias but may not improve outcomes, a cardiologist warns. Son-in-law of country music legend Alan Jackson dies aged 28 in mysterious circumstances after falling off a boat dock just weeks before his first wedding anniversary A promising young attorney in the Tennessee district attorney's office who was also the son-in-law of country star Alan Jackson passed away on Wednesday in West Palm Beach.

Feminist campaigners slam firm for making devices that are 'too big for women to hold' Campaigners said they were 'furious' the tech giant was not making products with women in mind after it announced it would discontinue the smallest iPhone model, the SE. Trailblazing female Marine, 26, is discharged from service and has her rank reduced to corporal after admitting to a relationship with a subordinate who she eventually married Remedios Cruz, 26, made history when she became one of the first three females to join 1st Battalion, 8th Marines at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, in January Fierce 90mph winds makes a Ferris wheel spin by itself as Hurricane Florence makes landfall along East Coast The ride at the Atlantic Fun Park on 15th Street in Virginia Beach, Virginia, was spinning as Florence made landfall with 90 mph winds in the early hours of Friday morning.

Spiraling out of control: Judge resigns after video shows him chase after a woman who disrupted a hearing and grab her by the neck A magistrate judge in Ohio has resigned after video surfaced of him chasing after a woman who had disrupted a hearing and then grabbing her by the neck as he led her back into the courtroom. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is preparing to run for president in as a Democrat Rumors of Bloomberg's impending presidential candidacy swirl seemingly every election cycle, but the three-term New York City mayor has yet to run.

Jackson and other Hollywood stars at a private memorial service in Los Angeles reveals A private memorial service will be held in Los Angeles this weekend commemorating the life of Lyric McHenry. Jackson to attend Lyric McHenry service. He likes what he sees! Cancer survivor wows her husband with 'professional' new look after receiving a stunning ambush makeover in celebration of being eight years in remission Appearing on Thursday morning's episode of the Today show, Monica, a mother-of-three from Minnesota, explained that she wanted a 'really professional' new look.

British writer who first revealed the stories of the s 'radium girls' poisoned by their employers warns it could happen again today - in a world that 'prioritizes profits over people' EXCLUSIVE: Ariana Grande breaks silence about ex Mac Miller's death in heartbreaking tribute as she writes 'I'm sorry I couldn't take your pain away' The year-old singer took to Instagram on Friday to post a short video with a heartbreaking caption which described how much she 'adored' him.

War Machine apologizes to his porn star ex-girlfriend Christy Mack in rambling interview where he says 'no one' hates him as much as he does and thanks God for saving his soul The year-old War Machine left with his current wife, prison pen pal Ashley Farrington and right with Mack is in prison in Nevada for beating Mack, 27, and Corey Thomas in bed together in Las Vegas in August Could probiotics cut our need for antibiotics?

Safety measures are ordered at a San Francisco tower as the engineers scramble to determine what is causing the skyscraper to sink after a crack appeared in a window Crews are working under a tight deadline to install an overhead protection system, essentially a canopy, to protect people from falling glass or debris at San Francisco's Millennium Tower.

Boxer Gervonta Davis arrested for getting into a fist fight outside a Washington D. Most Shared Right Now. Search warrant reveals white Dallas cop tried to use a set of KEYS to get into the wrong apartment then shot the homeowner after they 'exchanged words' at the door and NOT inside as she claimed.

Is this the worst sex grooming case of all? You CAN indulge in beer, wine and chocolate and still live a long life! Antioxidants in the treats reduce the risk of an early death by up to a fifth. Family pet is elected mayor of Californian town — and has been given his own personalised pickup truck. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Femail Today 'I'm not married yet!

Jackson and other Hollywood stars at memorial service in LA Kate's mission to rescue kids at risk: Duchess of Cambridge launches her first solo charity campaign to help disadvantaged children across England Eddie Murphy's girlfriend Paige Butcher shows off baby bump in skintight dress The gripping documentary about the murder case that shocked the World. White man threatens students with gun to prevent them entering a building.

Mark Wahlberg trains and promotes nutrition brand PerformInspired on Twitter. Josie Russell speaks to Lorraine about falling in love and finding her soul mate.

Chaos erupts outside the courtroom after hearing for fatal stabbing. Irate Italian seaman boards tourist boat before he is left stranded in the sea. Hub Sports Venue under investigation lewd videos surface on the internet. Don't miss DailyMailTV today. The Shadow Home Secretary claimed Tory ministers were failing to treat migrants as humans — and drew comparison with the racist Ugandan tyrant who expelled all Asians from his country.

Campaigners said they were 'furious' the tech giant was not making products with women in mind after it announced it would discontinue the smallest iPhone model, the SE.

The possible move comes after a record , Britons responded to a Treasury consultation on how to deal with throwaway plastic packaging. Knife crime has surged to a seven-year high amid police fears of an epidemic of violence on the streets. And use of blades among children has rocketed to its highest level this decade.

Chi Onwurah left filed the claim under the headline 'training' for the voice coach. Of those held in swoops by counter- terror police in the year to June, were white — the largest ethnic group — while were recorded as being of Asian ethnic background, Home Officer figures show. A study found men are less likely to enjoy their jobs than women on average, while working long days and feeling rushed at work have a stronger negative impact on them.

The drinks giant is joining Cadbury and Carling, which are already members of a group of seven key sponsors. McDonald's has partnered with associations to sponsor children's football. Prudential's Quality of Life index for England and Wales has crowned West Sussex as the best place to be a pensioner for the second year running. Hannah-Marie Clayton, 10, of Bournemouth, did not approve of the new Coco Pops slogan 'Loved by kids, approved by mums'.

She argued 'dads can make breakfast too' and it changed Kellogg's minds. It was also criticised for delays in giving residents the compensation they are due. Football fans watching the World Cup online this summer through the BBC were forced to endure delays of 30 seconds or more compared to those watching on traditional television. The world heritage site in Oxfordshire was given to the 1st Duke of Marlborough by Queen Anne in , in recognition of victories that established Britain as a world power.

The men told Kremlin-funded state broadcaster Russia Today yesterday they had been on a two-day holiday to Salisbury. But ten glaring flaws blow a huge hole in their version of events.

Such as, why did they stay in East London? Why are there no pictures of the duo actually visiting Salisbury cathedral? And bus tours to Stonehenge were not cancelled on Sunday March 4.

Two Russian assassins accused of trying to kill Russian double agent Sergei Skripal by putting deadly nerve agent Novichok on his door-handle were today interviewed on Russian State TV and said they were only tourists not killers.

In the 'absurd' interview the men even admitted they may have ended up at Sergei Skripal's suburban home 'by accident' while looking for the cathedral, which has a ft spire and is 25 minutes in the other direction. The Russian assassins appeared to be regurgitating a script and intent on fixing their 'poker faces', a body language expert told MailOnline today.

The burly pair admitted they were in the city on the day Sergei Skripal was poisoned, but insisted they only went to visit its 'famous cathedral' and nearby Stonehenge. Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov flew from Moscow to Heathrow and took the train to Salisbury where they put deadly nerve agent novichok on Sergei Skripal's door-handle before flying home.

A chemical weapons expert who appears on the Russia Today TV news channel has been arrested after officers discovered potentially hazardous materials at his home in Bideford, Devon. The Russian media questioned whether Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov were gay after they were asked in an interview why they made the trip to Britain together.

Pyotr Verzilov, one of Pussy Riot's founding members, is in a 'grave condition' in a Moscow hospital with doctors allegedly refusing to give details of his condition his family and girlfriend. Hurricane Helene could bring 'extreme weather' to Britain on Tuesday, according to forecasters.

The Met Office fears wet and windy weather could be on the horizon. Although forecasters also believe the start of next week to be uncertain and could instead bring some warm weather to British shores.

Today the hurricane is raging off the coast of the United States pictured top left and then by Sunday evening it will start making its way across the Atlantic pictured bottom left. By Tuesday pictured right the remnants of Hurricane Helene can be seen near the south-western tip of the UK. Diane Abbott pictured walked away from a Tube passenger who grilled the Labour MP last week over her comment that Orthodox Jews were targets of hate crime because of the 'costumes' they wear. Ms Abbott said that charedi Jews in Hackney were 'actually subject to hate crime more than other Jews, because they wear that costume' on Question Time earlier this year.

Martin Henton, acting headteacher at Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat School, has been criticised after an assembly about new uniform included the topic of discussion 'sexual threats' and harassment. More than combinations for the new '68 plates have been forbidden by the DVLA to keep Britain's streets decent.

A man, named locally as Alan Grayson, was found with a stab wound at his Sheffield home today. Neighbours say he lived with Marjorie, 83, and they were 'always just pottering around in their garden. In defiance of pro-choice campaigners, Sajid Javid said creating protest-free areas outside clinics to prevent harassment of patients 'would not be a proportionate response' to heated protests. Andrew Murray, 60, Jeremy Corbyn's special adviser, who has worked in Parliament for months without a pass, has called for the defeat of Nato and shown solidarity with a Hezbollah terror chief.

The final episode of the You, Me and Big C podcast hears Rachael discussing how she learnt to cope with her 'new normal'. Hind, 69, was sentenced to a total of 24 weeks in jail, suspended for 12 months. More than 10 landlords in Canterbury, Kent, have admitted taking on female student tenants offering free rooms in exchange for sexual services.

A student journalist pictured snared the landlords on Craigslist. Sarah Bramley, 29, sent a picture of herself performing a sex act on Michael Lawson, 34, to her former partner David Saunders, 34, who then stabbed Mr Lawson in Darlington. The naked calendar includes Cambridge University's finest sportsmen and women posing at famous locations across the city, while using strategically placed props to preserve their modesty.

Pictured clockwise from top left: This second video shows a vicious confrontation between members of staff and customers, which is thought to have taken place in the McDonald's restaurant on Uxbridge Road in Shepherds Bush, west London on September 1. The clip was filmed by an unknown bystander and begins with a male employee and customer engaged in a furious brawl, with the worker seemingly held in a headlock.

Four of his colleagues desperately struggle to grab the customer as he appears to choke their co-worker. The Shepherds Bush branch has a reputation as one of the roughest McDonald's in London, but in March this year the branch owner claimed they had refuced anti-social behaviour by playing classical music. The former ice house pictured , located on the shores of Loch Crinan in Scotland, was originally built in and used to store ice essential for keeping salmon fresh for market.

The original property has been retained in full but a glass extension dubbed 'the Fox's glacier mint extension' allows for view across the Scottish countryside protected from the elements.

Charlie Chafer, six, has been banned from classes at Drayton Park Primary School in Bletchley, Milton Keynes, after restyling his hair over the summer holidays. His mother, who is now threatening to move him to a different school, claims a teacher put water on his hair to flatten his treasured mohawk down. Relatives of Michael Cash - who was spray-painted in Middlesbrough - say the police have told them a body discovered in a cemetery could be their loved one.

Anna Doherty, 19, started to feel unwell five days into an all-inclusive holiday in the resort of Hurghada in March. The resort is the same as where John and Susan Cooper were staying before they died. Fundraiser Gary Gardner, 56, has been found guilty of two counts of fraud at Leicester Crown Court after pocketing cash collected for the young son of murdered soldier Lee Rigby.

Dame Louise Ellman, who has been an MP since , has been criticised by left-wing activists for speaking out on the scandal. A Ryanair flight from London Stansted to Copenhagen with people on board was put in jeopardy after one of the plane's nosewheels fell off during take-off. The giant fish - weighing around kg - was mistakenly netted off the coast of Devon by fishermen looking for sprats. The men were not able to keep the bluefin tuna due to fishing quotas.

Incredible photos from show the extent of the prospering industry at Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, with women gutting and salting huge amounts of fish everyday. Tom Tugendhat, the high-flying chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, today insisted the party had to stop 'banging on about Europe' and look to a future led by politicians like himself. Andrei Burnaz told the inquest into the Westminster terror attack how he frantically searched the London bridge for his partner after she was struck by Khalid Masood's car.

The Office for National Statistics said 18 year-olds spend more time glued to their screens on Facebook or other social media sites, or playing computer games.

The last time the national target of 85 per cent of patients starting treatment within 62 days of an urgent GP referral in England was hit was in December , according to the NHS figures. Millie Stipetic, 22, from Darlington, was left fighting for her life in intensive care after being badly beaten and left for dead by her boyfriend Dean Young, It comes a month after Birmingham was taken from G4S.

World leaders and international dignitaries gathered to pay their last respects to former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan at his funeral in Ghana today.

The grandson of tribal chiefs, he was the first black African to become the UN leader, serving from to Annan's Swedish wife Nane Maria. At least seven have been hurt following a landslide at Navagio beach on the island of Zante, one of Greece's most popular travel destinations, state agency ANA said.

They whipped up a whirlpool that overturned three boats,' an eyewitness told the agency. Authorities shut down access to the beach, which lies at the foot of a metre foot cliff and is accessible only by boat, as a precaution. This video captures human traffickers filming the 'safe delivery' of illegal immigrants in Spain to ensure payment from their relatives.

The smugglers are heard asking each arriving migrant, reportedly from north Africa, to look into the camera before jumping off a boat and swimming to the Playa de Los Lances beach in the Cadiz province. A Spanish voice is heard giving the migrants instructions to 'wait' and 'look at the camera' as the young men jump into the water one at a time. Caught off guard, the king of the jungle stares at her with a sheepish look before returning back to his usual self moment later.

This is not the first time a lion has been on the receiving end of a furious lioness. Volkswagen has said that it would end production of the iconic car in , following a pair of final editions of the insect-inspired vehicles. The disgraced Trump campaign chair, 69, is expected in court in Washington D. Friday for a deal with Mueller's prosecutors to be announce.

Trump mused publicly about a pardon. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has defeated Democratic primary challenger Cynthia Nixon to win his party's nomination for a third term. The case was brought to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France by a group of journalists and rights activists who believe that their data may have been targeted.

Italy's first sex doll brothel, LumiDolls Torino in Turin was raided by police just nine days after opening on September 3. It was found to be breaking laws on renting out accommodation. Vladimir Putin traveled to the Tsugol military range, in Russia's far east, on Thursday to personally oversee the third day of the Vostok military drills, which are the largest in Russia for 30 years. In the note Nelson also tries to reassure the official that the British fleet blocking his Italian port are not to the detriment of locals.

The healthy calf, who is yet to be named, was born in Navalur village in Thanjavur in the southern state of Tamil Nadu on August These stunning portraits show some of the remaining members of an ancient tribe known as the Aryans of the Himalayans — who traditionally engage in wife-swapping and celebrate public displays of affection.

Drokpa means Aryan or white-skinned in Ladakhi — and the 3, or so remaining members are believed to descend from a group of long-long soldiers from Alexander the Great's army, according to photographer Aman Chotani.

World's cutest fight as wild llamas 'hug' during battle. Bing Site Web Enter search term: If the shoe fits! Sarah Jessica Parker is eviscerated by animal rights activists after they show up at her NYC shoe store opening and lambaste her for wearing fur Moment weatherman walks off air on live TV as station in North Carolina is evacuated due to rising flood water caused by Hurricane Florence Tragic scenes inside apartment where white cop shot dead her black neighbor - including half eaten cereal and a flip flop where he was killed, as metal fire doors that slam locks contradict her claims entry was open when she mistook it for her own Jimmy Buffett leads the scores of people ignoring 'life-threatening' storm surges by riding the waves off the Carolinas - while others ignore evacuation orders for the 'adrenaline rush' and PARTY instead Snakes on a coastal plain?

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