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What Are Some Ideas for an Essay on Corruption?

❶Buy the NEW book! Focusing on three different nations, discuss when and why conscription was introduced — and whether this attracted any criticism or opposition.

The Extended Essay is an individual project of 4000 words.

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What Is Included in an IB Biology Syllabus?
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The four questions, adding up to 25 possible points, follow a predictable format, with a clear markscheme: Paper 2 This examination paper is traditionally divided into five sections of five questions each. Students will be required to answer two questions chosen from different sections of the paper, hence the requirement that students study at least two of these topic sections in depth see below. The five questions within each section will range from the narrowly specific "To what extent was the rise to power of either Hitler or Mao due to personal appeal and ability?

Another popular style of question in Paper 2 involves the comparison of different regions " Analyse the foreign policy of two rulers of single-party states, each chosen from a different region.

This genuinely synoptic approach to History — chronologically, geographically and thematically — is one of the most challenging but stimulating aspects of the IB course. Paper 3 Higher Level students only sit this paper. The IB board produces several Paper 3 examination papers, each of which tests knowledge of a different world region for example Europe and the Middle East, the Americas.

The teacher will declare in advance which of these papers his or her students will be sitting — in my case, I teach towards the European paper. The paper consists of a list of 25 essay questions covering up to years from which candidates must answer 3.

In contrast to Paper 2, these questions are not organised into themes, and are not particularly synoptic in nature: It is a study of word essay on a topic of the student's own choice. This personal study of words is often the most enjoyable part of the course for many students. It is divided into very clear sections — an introduction, a summary of evidence, an evaluation of sources, an analysis and so on — each of which has a recommended word limit and its own clear mark scheme.

In comparison to many A-Level personal studies, the topic theme for the Internal Assessment IA does not need to be confined to the period, region or themes being tested in the external examinations. Students may be working towards an exam focusing heavily on Modern European History, but could choose as their IA a question on Medieval Asian History. In the past, popular choices of study have been based around novels, films or works of art "How useful is the art of George Grosz to the historian of Weimar Germany?

Events years ago today: Allied troops break through the Bulgarian defenses on the Macedonian Front. Events 50 years ago today: Births years ago today: International Day of Democracy.

Comparisons are not the only way to get a grade A EE. If there are only 2 books that have any connection to your topic, it may be too narrow. If you are still unsure, ask your advisor! If you are not certain of who you would like to be your advisor, I would start by creating a list of your top three choices. Next, create a list of pros and cons I know this sounds tedious, but it really helps! Green is my favorite teacher, and we get along really well, but he teaches English, and I want to conduct an experiment to compare the efficiency of American Hybrid Cars to Foreign Hybrid Cars.

White teaches Physics, I had her a year ago, and she liked me. She could help me design my experiment. I am going to ask Ms. Do NOT just ask your favorite teacher to be your advisor. They may be a hindrance to you if they teach another subject. I would not suggest asking your Biology teacher to guide you in writing your English EE.

If you have a teacher who is passionate and knowledgeable about your topic as my English teacher was about my Theatre topic , you can ask that instructor. Consider all of your options first before you do. There was no theatre teacher at my school, so I could not find a theatre-specific advisor, but I chose the next best thing.

Make sure you ask your IB coordinator if there is any required paperwork. IBO does not require any paperwork. If your school needs a Form signed, make sure you bring it with you when you ask a teacher to be your EE advisor. Some teachers may just take on students because they have to and may not be passionate about reading drafts and may not give you a lot of feedback.

Choose a teacher who will take the time to read several drafts and give you extensive notes. I would not have gotten my A without being pushed to make the draft better. Ask a teacher that you have experience with through class or an extracurricular activity. Do not ask a teacher that you have no connection to; a teacher who does not know you is unlikely to push you. The IBO recommends that the supervisor spends approximately two to three hours in total with the candidate discussing the EE.

An essay that has unclear or poor organization will be graded poorly. Also, make sure your word abstract is clear and briefly summarizes your whole argument.

The body of your EE should make up the bulk of the essay. It should be about pages double-spaced again just depending on whether or not you include diagrams. Your body can be split into multiple parts. If you are conducting an experiment or analyzing data such as in this EE , your EE body will have a clear and obvious parts following the scientific method: You will not be able to crank out a 4,word essay in a week and get an A.

You will be reading many, many articles and, depending on your topic, possibly books, plays, and watching movies. Start the research possible as soon as possible. Each school has a slightly different deadline for the Extended Essay. Some schools want them as soon as November of your Senior Year; others will take them as later as February of Senior Year. Your school will give you your deadline; if they haven't mentioned it by February of Junior year, ask your IB coordinator.

Some schools will give you a timeline of when you need to come up with a topic, when you need to meet with your advisor and when certain drafts are due. Not all schools do. Ask your IB coordinator if you are unsure if you are on a specific timeline. Here is my recommended timeline, it is earlier than most schools, but it will save you so much heartache trust me, I remember:.

What were the reasons for the collapse of the Soviet Union? What were the opinions or interpretations of the witch trials held in Salem? What were some of the consequences of the Treaty of Versailles in ? What are the different explanations which have evolved after the Cuban missile crisis in the early s?

What were the consequences of the pact between Hitler and Stalin? How has the growth of growing opium changed over the decades? How important was politics in the plays of William Shakespeare? How did the Roman invasion of Britain change the island nation?

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10 most interesting history extended essay topics. An extended essay is one which you will not finish overnight. It is up to words in length and will need to be discussed in .

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Good International Baccalaureate history essay topics include the reasons for the collapse of the Soviet Union, how the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor changed the course of World War 2, and the role of politics in William Shakespeare's plays. The IB history essay should be 4, words minimum.

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Want help on the IB Extended Essay? Here's our complete guide, full of example ideas, essay topics, timeline, step by step plans to get a great score on your essay. IB History. InThinking Subject Sites - where IB teachers go. Website by Jo Thomas, The IB Core. CAS and History; Extended Essay. 1. Extended Essay: Choosing topics and questions; 2. Extended Essay: Research and referencing tips; 3. Extended Essay: Applying criteria A - D; 4. Extended Essay: Applying criterion E.

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Six Steps for Writing your Extended Essay in IB History A one-sided sheet provided step-by-step guidance for students on how to go about producing their Extended Essay. Style Guide: Formatting your Extended Essay. List Of Attention-Grabbing IB History Extended Essay Topics. Students undertaking IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma Program, among other things, should write their extended essays.