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Sample Essay on Texting and Driving

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❶As a result, the objection that texting and driving is a matter of inexperience is false because the main cause is a lack of attention, not experience.

Making the correlation between drinking and driving

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AT&T educates consumers about the dangers of texting while driving
with Dr. Jessica O'Hara

You would wonder if maybe we should go back to the old days when phones were only inside the building or booths. But again texting has made life much easier in communicating and we all know that, the question remains why is it making life hard, miserable and disastrous on the road? Should we put a big stop sign in the cars saying no texting and driving?

The driver is the solution to the problem. Many solutions have been proposed and all have not been successful so far but the battle goes on. There are many solutions suggested. In this case the driver decides to turn on the driving mode on the phone which automatically disables the phone from sending and receiving texts. Hefty fines can be given to violators. Drivers can learn not to text if they know the outcomes such as these huge fines are coming their way.

But it wasn't until he broke down and told his story were they really listening. By the end, their glassy, tear-filled eyes looked up at him, and he hoped that someone would change their mind, and maybe take a pledge not to text and drive, and that he could save a life. All across America people are having problems with texting and driving.

Texting and driving should be illegal. Why it should be illegal is because of the percentage of crashes caused by texting and driving, the percentage of fatalities caused by texting and driving and also the impact it can have on others around you or another person. The increase in car crashes since has increased dramatically because of texting and driving.

In over Twenty-five thousand car crashes were caused by texting and driving. That is over Twenty-five thousand to many. The long term impact on other people around you could possibly be the worse, just imagine how your mother, father, sister, brother, or grandparents would feel if you lost your life because of something as stupid as texting and driving.

Or how would you be able to live with yourself by taking a life from another person because of your texting and driving. There is a site called www. Their website also has a lot of information on the effects of texting and driving. All you have to do is click I Pledge, I did it, Will you? The numbers are actually very devastating. Texting and driving should be a crime. But the thing is, everyone will eventually be finding themselves doing it. Were all humans, we make mistakes.

Texting and driving is life threating, no matter what anybody says. There are organizations that actually care about texting and driving. You can also share the website information to inform others and to try to make a difference in their life. Texting and driving is not right, and needs to be taken seriously. I know most people have texted and drove. I would just like to try and convince you to not to.

First off every text you send or receive, takes your attention for just over 4 seconds. A fatal car wreck, pedestrian getting hit, family pet injured or killed. All of these and much more can occur in such a little increment of time. Here are some statistics on texting and driving: Engaging in visual-manual subtasks such as reaching for a phone, dialing and texting associated with the use of hand-held phones and other portable devices increased the risk of getting into a crash by three times.

Driving a vehicle while texting is six times more dangerous than driving while intoxicated according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The views of people against banning texting while driving think, if you need to urgently text someone you should be able to and not have to worry about getting a ticket. The average time it takes to read a text message is 4. That is dangerous, and if people knew the facts of texting and driving people would stop.

Drunk driving is illegal, and so should texting and driving. Texting and driving is equivalent to driving with a blood-alcohol level of 0. For years people have known the damage done by drunk driving, because of this knowledge people are finding different ways to get home and not drink and driving, they are finding a cab or have a designated driver. The laws are strict and people are changing there habits. So if people were able to learn about drunk driving, more people need to inform people about the risks of texting while driving.

Once people figure that out, I believe more and more people will be more aware that texting and driving can cause lots of damage, and should be illegal. In conclusion texting while driving needs to be banned. The text can wait, and instead of driving distracted focus on the road. Accessed September 14,

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Free Texting and Driving papers, essays, and research papers. Texting and driving is a serious problem in the United States and needs to be illegal now. There are way too many innocent people dying because of this outrageous act. First texting and driving is very hazardous and causes lots of damage to people and property.