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Apology Essay: How to Say “I’m Sorry”

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❶It depends on how we accept it.

What are Apology and Forgiveness?

Every German government since the creation of the Federal Republic in has sought to establish good working relationships with Israel. German NGOs are actively engaged with Israel as well. All the major German political parties have active foundations which are major supporters of the social sciences and the peace process in Israel.

The German national soccer team made a point of visiting Israel's Holocaust memorial when they went there to play an international match. Many -- though by no means all -- Germans have dug deeply into their own souls to try to figure out how their country could have produced the Third Reich, something the novelist Guenter Grass depicted in his novel Dog Years , in which the German teenagers born right after the war all get magic glasses that allow them to see what their parents did.

The Israeli government has reciprocated. Although few politicians have ever formally forgiven the Germans, almost all of them work as comfortably with their German counterparts as they do with French, British, or American politicians. By contrast, the Japanese political elite are still divided over whether their government should apologize for some of its human-rights abuses, including forced prostitution in Korea, the "rape" of Nanjing, and the brutal treatment of British and Dutch prisoners of war.

School textbooks, for instance, rarely even mention these events, whereas in Germany the rise and fall of Hitler's regime is a central theme in public education.

Not surprisingly, most of the aging victims of those abuses continue to bear the Japanese considerable ill-will. While plenty of Jews are nowhere-near ready to "get over" the Holocaust, there is nothing in their public life that is anything like how the vitriol former British Prisoners of War demonstrate each year when they demand reparations for their treatment.

As with everything involving reconciliation , apologizing and forgiving are, at their core, acts only individuals can perform. Of course, President Clinton could apologize for slavery or for failing to intervene in Rwanda on behalf of the American people.

But his words are only empty rhetoric unless those same American people actually share those feelings. But it is hard for people to apologize or forgive on their own.

There are some remarkable human beings, like the Biehls, who can do so, but they are very much the exception to the rule. As a result, states and international NGOs normally have to take the lead and help average citizens see the need and then find the opportunity to apologize and forgive. There is an important but very common misperception about apology and forgiveness. When I talk to many of my fellow Jews about the need to forgive Germans so that we can "get beyond" the victim mentality so many of us still have following the Holocaust and the other trials we have suffered over the centuries, I'm frequently accused of saying I want them to forget those horrid events ever happened.

We do have to remember the past as we consider ways of making certain holocausts never happen again. I live with the constant pain that much of my family was wiped out.

We have pictures of relatives who were born at about the same time my mother was, in the early s. She never met them because international travel was rare in the s.

She never will meet them because they are all dead. And I will never meet their children because they were never born. The discussion we had during and after the visit was one of the most powerful and positive dialogues I've ever been a part of.

In other words, I can forgive because I can remember. And because I can forgive, I can work with ease with my German contemporaries, whose fathers may well have killed my cousins.

And because so many Germans have apologized for what happened under the Nazis, they can work with people like me without feeling guilty for what their parents' generation did. Information about the film and a lot of associated information can be found at http: See also the project Web site at http: Use the following to cite this article: Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess.

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Citing Beyond Intractability resources. Skip to main content. Making apologies and granting forgiveness are integral parts of any long-term resolution of an intractable conflict.

Without them, it is all but impossible to achieve reconciliation and lasting peace. Things change if we speak. While talking about the impact, it can be either positive or negative. Sometimes we offend people. Some may offend us. It happens time after time. Our lives consist of different moments. They must not be only happy. Every experience can be useful.

It depends on how we accept it. Since people make mistakes, they have to apology. A life is a long way during which someone asks forgiveness. Do you know how to do it correctly? In essay on apology we will show you a step by step process of how one should ask for forgiveness. This paper was made by cheap custom writing. Apply to our help. You will receive numerous benefits.

By the way, on our site one can find interesting samples, examples of works, and good tips. A person can order any work. Here are numerous essays. For instance, someone can find essay on computer science here: Apology becomes a result of some unpleasant situation. There are situations which demand immediate upshot. These must be words of sorrows. It is very wise. Was not it difficult to hurt a person?

Maybe the point is in your pride? It makes the world better and kinder. This action resembles very good manners of an individual and an excellent upbringing. Apology leads to peace. A person may find several wise advices regarding forgiveness in the Bible. Jesus told Simon that he must forgive a person every time he comes to apology. Apostle Paul taught the church to stay rather offended than ruin peace with others. One of the crucial things that the Scripture claims is that we have to forgive as our God forgives us.

It does not matter whether someone is a believer or not. We have already explained you that apology can change things for better. Believe or not but forgiveness brings blessing in the lives of people.

One of the kinds of apology is a letter. For instance, a student can hurt his professor or teacher. Often students do not like comments and corrections. They may be very rude with their tutors. There are students who show disrespect.

The common way of asking forgiveness is a written letter. It can be addressed to anyone, and the reasons of the letter may also be different. It should take a person some time because the letter must be correct.

However, someone has to spend more time to prepare for verbal apology. Our custom essay services may prepare for you essay about relationships between a professor and students. We have prepared these papers to explain people why custom services are so useful.

One can make his college essay better with our writers. This is a real science to ask for forgiveness. All people, both rich and poor, average and popular face this problem. Read more about this person on this page: Meditate on your deed that caused offence. Find out what word or act hurt a person. It is significant to identify the action which provoked sadness.

It will prevent future conflicts. Find out why did you act in that way. It is of the same importance as the previous issue.

Such thing helps people to take responsibility.

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- An “Apology for Poetry” is a compelling essay refuting the attack on poetry by Puritan and fundamentalist Stephen Gosson. This complex article written by Sir Phillip Sidney represents the decisive rebuttal defending poetry.

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Plato's The Apology Essay Words | 7 Pages. was – such was the effect of them; and yet they have hardly spoken a word of truth.” – Plato “The Apology” In “The Apology,” Socrates represents himself in his own trial.

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Essay on An Apology Letter The electron microscope was first created in and magnified up to a million times. First electron microscope was a transmission. In essay on apology we will show you a step by step process of how one should ask for forgiveness. This paper was made by cheap custom writing. Apply to our help.

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Apology by Plato  Analysis of Apology by Plato The Apology is an account by Plato of Socrates’ speech given at his trial in Socrates was an Athenian philosopher accused of two crimes: corrupting the youth and not believing in the gods. Oct 25,  · Apology by Plato essay. In Plato’s Apology, the reader finds much interesting information about the philosophic thought that is derived from Socrates’ defense justappclose.tkes, Plato’s teachers and friend, is ready to defend himself. Socrates’ mission is to help people to better understand the meaning of life in order to 5/5(3).