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Origins And Developments

❶For example, one of the authors of this entry, Barbara Thayer-Bacon, recently completed a study of five collective cultures in an effort to help her develop a relational, pluralistic democratic theory that moves beyond liberal democracy, with its assumptions of individualism, rationalism, and universalism, all of which have been critiqued by cultural studies scholars. Do not quote just to help the word counter!

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Adult education spaces were initially the only spaces that allowed for a broader and deeper social and cultural critique. However, as other spaces have developed, including cultural studies entering the academy with the establishment of CCCS in the s and gaining legitimacy within higher education, a focus on educational issues has lessened. The world of school buildings and classrooms does not seem to be able to compete with a consumer-driven, product-oriented market, reinforced throughout media and society.

There are, of course, exceptions. Henry Giroux and Handel Wright serve as good examples of scholars who bring cultural studies to bear on educational issues, but both of them have written about the marginalization of educational topics within cultural studies, and both have noted how cultural studies has moved away from its roots. Early on, cultural studies scholars such as Paul Willis worried about how schools treated working class lads and offered a deep analysis of schools in terms of their class distinctions.

Myles Horton and the rest of the staff at Highlander Folk School strove to create adult centers where people could unlearn the passivity of school learning and begin to see themselves as social activists and leaders for change in a world that is unjust. Adults came to Highlander to learn how to organize and found themselves positioned as teachers teaching each other what they knew and helping each other solve their problems, with the staff at Highlander serving as facilitators and resources to aid in their organizing efforts.

Cultural studies brings to education a focus on social justice issues. It attends to forms of discrimination such as racism, classism, and sexism and how these impact children in schools, and the teachers who teach them. It is concerned with the marginalization of immigrant students, new to a country, and whether their cultural expressions are engaged and their learning styles and needs are addressed in relevant ways.

Cultural studies strives to connect educational theory to educational practice as it looks at how power is used in ways that are generative as well as harmful. Cultural studies pays attention to the formal curriculum in schools what is present or not in terms of content , as well as the informal and hidden curricula activities and structures of clubs and extracurricular activities, as well as daily ritual practices such as dismissal for lunch or recess, or the lack of recess or playgrounds in lower income school areas.

Cultural studies examines educational policies and how they impact diverse student populations in diverse ways for example, what are the effects of federally mandated educational policies such as No Child Left Behind and the push for standardized national testing on children and their teachers in poorer school districts? Cultural studies considers the commodification of education as a consumer product and attends to marketing issues such as the sponsoring of Coke machines in school hallways and television sets in classrooms, donated by Channel One in exchange for the requirement that children watch Channel One programs while in school.

Channel One is a twelve-minute current events television program, containing two minutes of commercials, shown in participating public schools who receive free video equipment in exchange. Cultural studies takes up the creative democratization of access to knowledge and technology, such as free and open source software and the free culture movement. In terms of research approaches, cultural studies of education starts with a social problem and then tries to consider what discipline areas and methodologies are available to help solve this problem.

It is possible to find numerous discipline contributions and a variety of research methodologies employed to try to address research problems from a cultural studies perspective. For example, one of the authors of this entry, Barbara Thayer-Bacon, recently completed a study of five collective cultures in an effort to help her develop a relational, pluralistic democratic theory that moves beyond liberal democracy, with its assumptions of individualism, rationalism, and universalism, all of which have been critiqued by cultural studies scholars.

She also sought to consider how such a theory translates into our public school settings. As a cultural studies scholar, it was vital that her theory writing be informed by practice in order to keep her theory grounded in the historical, local, contingent, everyday world.

Consequently, when she began working on this project, prior to trying to write any philosophical political theory that moves us beyond liberal democracy, she sought to immerse herself in particular school cultures and communities, relying on a phenomenological methodology.

She realized that she was raised in an American culture that embraces classical liberal values of individualism, universalism, and rationalism. Thayer-Bacon suspected that if she studied Native American, Mexican, and African cultures in depth, she would gain a greater appreciation of the values and beliefs that support a collective sociopolitical focus and a greater understanding of how these values and beliefs function in contrast to individualistic ones.

In order to help her address her own cultural limitations and better understand tough questions and issues a relational, pluralistic political theory must face in our public schools, Thayer-Bacon designed a study that required her to spend time in U.

Notice that this research project is focused on social justice issues concern for the high dropout rate of students from collective cultures and how these students are disadvantaged within American schools the norms of the schools being based on Western European individualistic values.

Thayer-Bacon is worried about social difference and cultural diversity. Her study is praxis driven, for it seeks to connect democratic theory to the daily practice of what goes on in public schools.

The study is also interdisciplinary, as it involves philosophical theory and educational research, and its research methods use qualitative research techniques through observations, interviews, collection of materials handed out to parents, and field notes, as well as a narrative style of philosophical argumentation, through its phenomenological approach of direct experience and its use of the field notes gathered at the schools as narrative stories to illustrate the philosophical ideas.

The researcher went into the field not knowing what she would find and was forced to be flexible and adaptive. Going to specific schools and staying in the homes of local members of the community, made her observations local and specific to particular people in their local settings. All of these qualities are what make this study a good example of cultural studies applied to education.

Qualitative research applications of cultural studies and education offer a wide range of research possibilities. It is from four to nine yards in length and is draped over the body in various styles. The outfit is worn based upon historical traditions which are dating back to the…… [Read More].

Together with formal schemata and linguistic schemata, cultural schemata are some of the main types of schema theory, which is a hypothesis on how knowledge is gained and processed. Actually, schema is a technical word used by cognitive supporters to explain how people arrange, process, and store information in their brain. Notably, schemata focus on how people arrange information to long-term memory in relation to experiences, attitudes, values, strategies, skills, and conceptual understanding.

The received knowledge is in turn organized into units that contain stores information. Understanding Cultural Schemata Theory: Cultural schemata is also known as abstract, story, or linguistic schema and is developed on the basis of people's basic experiences "Schemata Theory in Learning," n.

Cultural schemata theory is described as the pre-existing knowledge about…… [Read More]. Cultural Practices and Religious Beliefs. The other issue is the poverty that makes the population not access medical healthcare. The most common diseases are asthma and diabetes. This is because the place is damp and highly populated hence no free circulation of air. However, the community health center and the health department of New York are working together to help curb this issue by educating the people, and advocating for preventive measures Shelley et al.

Moreover, the people in this area seem not to realize their rights to better housing as most of their apartments are infested with moulds. Advocacy for better housing and housing facilities is another key preventive measure for the spread of these diseases.

Other measures taken to combat the problem are that initiative to plant trees hence, bringing clean air. Poor diets and eating habits are also a key problem to the health of the people. A part of the…… [Read More]. Cultural Transmissions by the Italian. Indeed the Germans, the French, and the rest looked back to an antiquity in which their ancestors had been subjugated by the legions. Nothing is more remarkable therefore than the rapid and irrevocable penetration of Italian ideas and practices among the "barbarians," as the Italian writers referred to them, some of whom were currently invading the peninsula.

Classical style of Italian cathedrals and churches, typical for Ancient Greek and oman pagan temples is usually not observed in buildings of enaissance epoch in Germany, Britain or France, where architecture was influenced by Gothic style, which got earlier spread in Europe.

Cultural Competency in Nursing. Cultural Competency in Nursing The basic knowledge in nursing or medical studies needs substantial facilitation in order to be effective and appropriate towards addressing the needs and preferences of the patients. Watson notes the need to integrate humanistic aspect into the career or nursing profession.

He also believes on the need for the establishment of the caring relationship between the patients and nurses thus demonstration of unconditional acceptance of the patients in any condition. Nurses should integrate holistic and positive treatment with the aim of promoting health through knowledge and interventions thus elimination of interruptions during treatments or 'caring moments'.

Modern patients have diverse problems and issues because of the cultural differences, races, and ethnicity thus the need to enhance the operations of the nurses. There is need to ensure that the nurses obtain cultural competencies with the aim of enhancing their ability to address diverse issues and problems faced…… [Read More]. How Is it Measured, And How it Impact on Global Marketing Operations The persistence of cultural distances is relevant for the global multinational marketing operations exposed to multiple cultures in their everyday activities.

This indicates that marketing across border introduces complexities because it forces global marketers to tailor their approaches and practices to each cultural context they carry out their business activities. As a result, this paper will discuss concepts applicable to different aspects of cross-border operations.

The primary focus of the paper is on multinational business corporations Baumann, This study shows how Hofstede's model is still the most relevant piece of reference for a successive cross-cultural analysis despite it being a widely criticized.

The paper compares and contrasts Hofstede's famous concepts with Turner and Schwartz, Trompenaars and Hampden's valued inventory. It will attempt to provide empirical evidence of how cultural diversity influences the global markets by…… [Read More].

Cultural Experience Description The event is more a series of events. I went on vacation with some friends to Miami, and while not everything I experienced on that trip would count as a cultural experience, there is little question that there were some very different experiences. There was the visit to the Haitian restaurant, for example, but the event that stands out the most was my visit to Calle Ocho, the old Cuban neighborhood.

As Korean student I find it challenging enough to deal with mainstream American culture, but Hispanic culture is completely different again, so this experience provided me with an interesting counterpoint to my usual experiences in the United States. In this neighborhood, if people can speak English they do not admit it. There are coffee windows where strong, sugary shots of Cuban coffee and cafe con leche are dispensed to passers-by in a hurry.

There are old…… [Read More]. Cultural Aspects of Consumer Behavior. The entire sample was highly educated with The majority of respondent sin Shanghai and Taipei were 18 to 25 and 26 -- 30 in Hong Kong. The study found that each respondent base scored high on the self-expectation dimensions as shown in Table III of the report with many having a strong sense of self-esteem and seeing the value of true friendship and inner harmony.

There is also a strong belief in freedom in the orientation towards life dimension of the ANOVA analysis completed, just short of true friendship as a fundamental value in the analysis Tai, Cultural Intelligence In today's increasingly culturally diverse world, cultural competence, or what has become known as "cultural intelligence CQ " has received increasing research attention.

Several authors, with various purposes and audiences, have developed assessment instruments to help individuals and groups understand their level of cultural intelligence. Included among these is the instrument developed by Earley and Mosakowski , under the title "Diagnosing Your Cultural Intelligence. The cognitive component can be regarded as the "head" of cultural competence.

On a cognitive level, this areas focuses on an individual's understanding of differences between cultures. This involves asking questions and investigations to identify any differences that might exist among cultures. Being aware of these on a cognitive level can greatly enhance a person's ability to understand and interact with foreign cultures. The physical component focuses on a…… [Read More].

Cultural Observation of Dress. Cultural Observation of Dress Why do all humans engage in the act of dressing the body? Consider how dress relates to both the physical and the social needs of the wearer. Everyone dresses according to social factors and to make themselves more physically appealing to other. This helps them to be seen as hip and enhance their appearance. These variables ensure that the social and individual needs of the person are met.

This is when they will have greater amounts of self-confidence. Eicher, f all humans dress themselves for the same basic reasons, why do we look so different from each other? Consider the influences of culture, age, gender, and other factors that distinguish people from one another. People look different based upon their cultural background, age and gender. These elements are combined together to provide the person with a unique sense of style.

This is used to make…… [Read More]. Cultural Adaptation Following Hurricane Sandy Cultural Psychology and Adaption During Hurricane Sandy The objective of this study is to examine Hurricane Sandy and the adaptation of the population through the lens of the psychological cultural adaptation model. Cultural adaptation holds that evolutionary forces shape "innate genetically determined behaviors. Rather, culture entails a novel evolutionary tradeoff.

Social learning allows human populations to accumulate reservoirs of adaptive information over many generations, leading to the cumulative cultural evolution of highly adaptive social institutions and technology. Cultural Differences in Army Officers Every society is different from the other and arranges itself under some certain value and belief system. This belief system is the basic identity of any society or a group of people and is very central in developing them as human beings.

More importantly, it plays a significant role in developing the way these members of a society behave and how they interact with each other. One of these aspects which play a central role in the development of human behavior is Culture. Culture is the fundamental characteristic that defines the way we behave and the way we interact with each other. The lack of knowledge regarding the other person culture can result in the serious lack of judgment regarding the true meaning of someone's gesture and this misinterpretation can go a long way in harming any society or a relationship between two people.

Cultural Counselor Being a counselor can sometimes be a really tough job. Counseling can only be effective and beneficial when the counselor places himself or herself in the shoes of his or her client. If he or she is unable to do so, he or she will never become an effective counselor. Placing oneself in the circumstances of someone else is not easy, let alone placing oneself in the shoes of a person who is of a different race, religion or culture. That is the real test of a counselor.

In this paper I shall discuss what is required to understand the cross-cultural relationships in counseling to help the client get over their problem easily. All the dimensions pertaining to counseling of a client of a different background that the counselor will discussed with the case scenario. Case Scenario When clients and counselors have different cultural or ethnic or racial …… [Read More].

Cultural Tourism Culture Tourism Research. The Balinese seem to be coping with the tourist invasion as well as they have coped with others, that is they are taking what they want, but they are not allowing themselves to be any the less Balinese. This appears to have been the story throughout Bali's history, outside cultures came, perhaps as conquerors, perhaps only as visitors and traders, but Balinese society and culture have remained distinctive, accepting outward forms, but molding them to its own different purposes.

However, for most local residents, they are maintaining their basic cultural traditions. This is despite the fact that there are added pressures to continually adopt these practices in spite of the transformations. Pickard, However, many local officials feel that an influx of tourism is having an adverse impact on…… [Read More]. Cultural Audit of St. Cloud University has resolved to address issues of demographic isolation, namely the sense of students that they do not have a 'connection' to the university, and the persistent problems regarding minority tensions and institutional discrimination.

Perhaps the most telling survey comment came from a student, criticizing the survey structure: Another telling detail was that some faculty, administration and staff felt there was a notable lack of African-American and Jewish faculty members on campus, and that some felt the presence of a 'glass ceiling" regarding promotions of women.

Also, disability services were perceived as…… [Read More]. Cultural Sensitivity and Language. Cultural Sensitivity and Language Use Simply talking about culture can be like entering a minefield.

Even the use of the word 'articulate' or praising an African-American's 'intelligence' can be questionable. The use of language is so powerful -- and so controversial -- because it can unintentionally unmask great deal about the speaker's unconscious attitudes towards race, as well as his or her conscious attitudes.

The last few pounds are the hardest to get rid of. It's the last vestiges of racism that are hard to get rid of," said one African-American comedian, despairing of how he is often called 'articulate' as if this is surprising and marvelous Clementson Even in the upper echelons of power, at organizations such as Goldman Sachs, it is not uncommon for an African-American candidate to be labeled 'articulate' as if that is a surprise, given the level of accomplishment one…… [Read More].

Cultural Awareness Cesar Cesar is a patient who presents with psychotic symptoms associated with acute trauma. A Mexican citizen, he has a criminal history in Mexico, but after being released from prison six years earlier he immigrated illegally to the United States. He has resided and worked illegally, and was recently arrested by the California Highway Patrol CHP for a traffic violation. Upon interviewing him the CPH detained him and requested that the local gang intervention task force interview him because he has tattoos related to the well-known street gang the Latin Kings.

Cesar was not charged with any crime, and his detention report notes that he was held at a routine traffic stop because the officers felt he "appeared suspicious. Cesar was…… [Read More]. Cultural Diversity Interview Narrative Cultural. While in high school, she worked as a waitress at a local diner. Most of the population was black, therefore there was little contact with white customers or employees. Margaret feels that she was socially isolated until the s.

She was not exposed to white culture; it was foreign to her. She was only exposed to black culture of the time. They were not allowed in certain stores, restaurants, or other places of business. She remembers "white only" restrooms and "black only" fountains. This cultural isolation was oppressive. Margaret feels that the oppressive attitudes and discrimination that she experienced as a child determined much of how her life proceeded in adulthood.

The idea that she could only go so far was ingrained as a child. She never really broke free of this feeling. In her 40s, she moved to upstate New York. Here, she found that many women had succeeded…… [Read More]. Cultural Forms of Expression African-American. Cha-Jua, , at http: Through the context for dialogue they create, social movements facilitate the interweaving of individual stories and biographies into a collective, unified frame, a collective narrative.

Part and parcel of the process of collective identity or will formation is the linking of diverse experiences into a unity, past as well as present. Social movements are central to this process, not only at the individual level, but also at the organizational or meso level of social interaction. Institutions like the black church and cultural artifacts like blues music may have embodied and passed on collective memories from generation to generation, but it was through social movements that even these diverse collective memories attained a more unified focus, linking individuals and collectives into a unified subject, with a common future as well as a…… [Read More].

Study Abroad Sometimes in our internet age it seems that we don't ever need to leave our own homes to experience the world. Google can let us drive in a virtual way down nearly any street in the world. We can chat at any hour of the day with residents from any continent about any subject. We can even craft online selves that allow us to become more interesting, more educated, and more urbane than are our actual personas.

So why -- given the complexities, unavoidable drudgeries and occasional miseries and sometimes even outright dangers of travel -- should we ever venture any significant distance from our homes? Because there is still -- and surely there will never be -- anything comparable to travel to teach us about the varieties of the world.

Without meaning to disparage the wonders of either online information acquisition or reading about other places and…… [Read More]. Surprisingly, I had never been to the museum before. It sits adjacent to Nova University, in a very beautiful and modern section of the city. The very moment I walked up to the doors, I was excited. The museum is a very interesting exterior composition, with the bright coat of abstract paint, which seems to drift down the side of one of the main exterior walls.

From looking at pictures of its old facade, I am definitely impressed with how well they have grown and opened up to facilitating the true spirit behind modern art. Pictures from their website show a much different building, one that was much more drab and boring.

The new facade that now stands is much more enlightening; a true testament to the modern…… [Read More]. Cultural Differences of UK and. Ng and Tuen pp. Mary Kay has to adapt certain shades of make up in China, Most importantly, Chinese views "face" as a kind of "respect and consideration.

If the foreign marketers in China do not grant some favors or show respect to the Chinese counterpart, it is hard to build up a long-term…… [Read More].

Cultural Diversity in Organizations Organization. The solutions are numerous and more diversified. Knowledge is crucial for business success.

There are two types of knowledge: The explicit type is easily codified, stored and transmitted to other individuals. As opposed to the former, the tacit one is embedded in people. The size of the tacit knowledge is proportional to the diversity of the workplace.

Therefore, organizations face the increasing challenge today of finding ways to grasp into the pool of tacit knowledge they own in order to create competitive advantage. This is the type of knowledge to which competition doesn't have access because it's embedded in unique individuals belonging to a give organization. Knowledge can be enhanced by the learning process. Its final objective is to be materialized into products and services.

This final stage of the process refers to the innovation part. Innovations are the most important tool an organization has in hand…… [Read More].

Andre goes on to say some critics see Hirsch's efforts to bring culture into the classroom are not so much "cultural literacy" but more like "cultural indoctrination. For example, the question of "Whose form of knowledge, culture, vision, history and authority will prevail as the national culture? Hirsch meanwhile answers these accusations in his Core Knowledge Web site, saying that the contend must arise from "a broad consensus of diverse groups and interests.

Cultural Differences of Adolescent in the United States. Cultural Differences of Adolescent in the United States The United States, ever since the time when its history began, has been an accumulation of different cultural patterns who took refuge here for independence in expressing the thoughts.

In this paper we shall analyze the cultural differences among adolescents in the country. In Gordon discovered that adaptable young men have concrete self-confidence in their realizing capabilities and concrete sentiments of association in the school surrounding as against their non-adaptable associates.

Consistently Arellano and Padilla in discovered that cooperative families and tutors saved students from vulnerable educational surroundings. Again Liebowitz, Catellani, and Cuellar in discovered the relatively important foreseer of sexual attitude to be the persistence of morals existing betwixt the young men and their family. Outcomes threw light on…… [Read More]. Cultural Difference This Proposed Study.

There can be several reasons behind this enduring practice. Men and women feel that if parents have chosen someone for them, they would also support them through hard times. We understand that all marriages go through rough patches and some more than others. In these trying times, parents and other family members normally intervene to resolve problems. This is a common practice in India and all countries where arranged marriages are still in practice.

However if a person chose to marry someone of their choice, it is very likely that during hard times, others would distance themselves saying; "didn't we already warn you. The second reason is the ease and convenience that comes with having a partner chosen for you.

In the western world, getting married doesn't come easy. Cultural anthropology otherwise known as the socio-cultural anthropology or social anthropology is basically the study of culture and is mainly founded on ethnography. Ethnography is based on the methodology of collection of primary data and is purely a product of research where inductive method is used as well as a heavy reliance on the participant observers.

It is considered as the holistic and scientific study of humanity and majorly the branch that focuses on the study of human cultures, myths, practices, beliefs, values, economies, cognitive organizations and even technologies in the contemporary environment.

The significance of the participatory research is to help the individual place the rules of moral conduct, the cognitive structures and the social life patterns in their own socio-cultural context hence becoming very relevant and meaningful despite how 'strange' or 'bizarre' it might look to the persons from other cultures.

The concept of cultural relativism goes against…… [Read More]. Cultural Differences Cultural Mistakes That. However, in some culture, such practice may be taken as a rude process. For instance, being indirect is a form of politeness in Japan. But such will be seen as nothing but a form of dishonesty in the American business scenario. How to Approach Foreign Markets from the Perspective of Culture In the event of conducting business relationships, there are a number of strategies that business parties can use to approach the foreign markets from the perspective of culture.

Some of them are the following: Prior learning of the culture of one foreign business party will not do any harm to the other. Before conducting business with a party from another region, it will be helpful for international companies to learn some cultural background of the other part. It is important to consider that not every people, especially between those that come from totally different cultural background, have similar regard…… [Read More].

But these issues have also become important for those not living in a multicultural society because of the fact that world is rapidly turning into a global village. The closer the people of the world come, the more cultural issues they are likely to encounter. For this reason, it is important to study the reasons why cultural clashes take place and find out how cultural differences affect our perceptions. People working in a team, must be able to appreciate and accommodate the diversity of their teammates, to be able to achieve their objectives.

Importance of cultural differences People from different parts of the world view things differently. Everybody has a unique way of interpreting and perceiving situations. At the same time, the Olympics attract not only sportspersons but also spectators, who are interested in sports and who either attend Olympics in the area,.

In this movie, the Sho tribe of the Kalahari Desert believes that it has been gifted with a special treat when an empty glass Pepsi bottle falls from a light aircraft flying overhead.

In a movie came out that turned popular thought to the damage that globalization imposes on cultural identity. Human Cultural Identity Words: This idea can be illustrated with such examples as Thomas Jefferson, Denis Diderot, and Protestantism. Thomas Jefferson was considered among one of the most brilliant American exponents of the Enlightenment culture.

He had the time and the resources to educate himself in many topics includ. The socio-cultural disparities prevailing in society between rich and poor or high or low castes compel the underprivileged to resort to criminality either to escape miseries and disgrace or to satisfy their basic needs.

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Cultural Studies Essays. Search to find a specific cultural studies essay or browse from the list below: Arab Marriage and Family Formation. Introduction Arab societies are undergoing major changes as new patterns of marriage and family formation emerge across .

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