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Bless Me Ultima

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❶In the end, Antonio is not forced to choose between the two traditions of the horsemen and the farmers, but rather he blends them into a workable identity for himself.

The Importance of the Owl in "Bless Me, Ultima"

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Essays on Bless me ultima
Critical Evaluation

Not only were these episodes consequential, but the literary elements within them were remarkable. These occurrences emerged to be some of the most significant subplots of the book, exposing imperative ideas such as the great healing power of Ultima.

They helped to weave the complicated web of mystery within the characters, and forever altered the outcome of the tale. Tony bore the sin on his shoulders, and stated "How would I ever wash away the stain of blood".

When the golden carp came into his life, Tony further questioned his Catholic religion and the This 9 page paper examines the way in which three different directors approach Shakespeare. It looks at Kenneth Branagh's producti The first two lines of the poem establish his thorough knowledge of the Lond This paper discusses the role of women in three Norse sagas. The writer argues that "Njal's Saga" and "Laxdaela's S This research paper realtes the history and tremendous success of the Quaker Oats Food Company.

Tom Miller, xii In the same way, Anaya's description of Antonio's life represents ironies and contradictions, first in a main cultural collision of Mexican and Anglo culture, family structure and language; and then, in more deep levels of religion, and basic understanding of oneself. Inner fights and double realities are present through out Antonio's development. Ramon Saldivar does an extensive study of Anaya's Bless Me, Ultima, and as well as Shirley and Shirley, he seems to be afraid of calling or recognizing a representation of a border culture.

Bless Me, Ultima thus can be said to capture in the form of romance critical and complex transition period in literary-cultural history of the South west: As I mention before, Bless Me Ultima presents the struggle between two different life styles and cultures.

On one hand, we have the Mexican traditional life style: Antonio's father was a men of the llano, a vaquero; his mother is from a family of free farmers. On the other hand, we find a very strong influence of American individualism.

We see this influence in Antonio's three brothers: II, their parents are hoping that they would become part of their family again, but the three brothers decide to have a life of their own: Only one of them decides to stay, but not for long. Due to these series of facts, Antonio lives a struggle in his mind.

Should he become a farmer or a priest as his mother wanted? Should he decide his own future no matter what the consequences are? Talking about his families Antonio says: At he same time, Antonio is going to school across the bridge, to an American school. This is one of the most important aspects of his cultural development as well as our main point in identifying a border culture.

There is a two level explanation for this chapter: Gabriel blames the Texans, Americans , over and over again for putting fences across his llano, across his freedom. Gabriel never gets accustomed to the life in the city.

Furthermore, he drinks more and more, and looks forward to the visitors of the llano who come to his house once in a while to remember old stories. His Mexican culture is too strong. There will be no possible adaptation for him. In the same way, Antonio goes to school, He does not understand English, and therefore does not understand the kids in the school.

He knows that the kids are laughing at him because of the way he speaks, the way he behaves, the way he looks and the things he eats. In a way, his freedom , his culture and understanding of life do not make sense anymore. Now, the difference between Antonio and his father culture collision is that Antonio gets accustomed to it. In a while it does not bother him anymore. The reason is simple: A sense of mutual bondage, due to cultural differences makes this group of kids to stick together and question life on their own.

Language and relationships are also another important part on Antonio's culture construction. Furthermore, we see how the kids in school used a mixed Spanish and English, especially to swear: Also, Antonio's friends are also different.

It was shocking to Antonio that his friends were no longer dark skinned with dark eyes and hair. He mentions that some of them were tall with clear eyes and blond hair. Furthermore, it was even more shocking that those new light kids were speaking in Spanish. The fact is that he was no longer in the land of Mexico. He was no longer in a protective environment. Antonio comes from an strict catholic environment. There is nothing else but Catholicism. His mother wants him to become a priest as one of her ancestors was, but Antonio is battling a struggle of his own.

He is now going to school with Protestant kids. Also, one of his best friends tells him the legend of the Carpa, a God who decided to become a fish to save his people, but who will let the town sink on their own sins. Antonio is afraid of loosing his faith. Different episodes of the book make him question his traditional faith. He believes that God is just and omnipotent, but he also sees how innocent men die, and their murderers get free. His is also witness of the impotence of a priest to save his uncles life, when then Ultima cured him with her magic.

Antonio is confused and afraid of God's justice. I the same way, we find a parallelism or personification of the three people in God in his family. God, as the powerful father makes the decisions. The Virgin Mary represented by the mot her who intercedes to the father for the abolition of punishments for the sons.

Then, we have the holy spirit, represented by Ultima and the owl. The pure women who has never sin, whose power and magic is the power of truth and good. When the holy ghost came to the apostles, they knew what to do. Words are never mention. In the same way, Ultima never told Antonio what to do. She would simply bless him and suddenly he would feel a power through him that would make him almost faint. Moreover, not only his faith is the question but also his background.

His mother is a Luna, family of farmers. His father is a Marez, family of the Llano, wanderers and vaqueros who come from the conquistadores, men of the sea. Antonio's inner conflict represents yet another parallelism.

The sea and the moon are interconnected. The sea is a brave and powerful element, yet, the moon moves it every day. In other words, the sea is controlled by the attraction of the moon who moves it back and forth. In the same way, we may say that Antonio's passion, blood, or impulse are like the sea, but his thoughts, his common sense comes from his mother's part of the family, from the Lunas.

In other words, where he comes from, what he is, and how he is supposed to behave is the conflict that it is going on inside him. Each person on the novel plays and important part on Antonio's life and struggle to find the true meaning of life and himself. Moreover, the most important person in Antonio during these years, and probably for the future is La Grande. Ultima represents the old, the tradition. The contact that they have with each other is more on the spiritual level: The Lunas see the opportunity to build towns in the vast expanse of the llano.

However, when Antonio later sees Andrew at the brothel, he is forced to accept the truth. The golden carp swallows everything, both good and evil. Afterward, the world is reborn. When Ultima blesses Antonio on his first day of school, he feels the power of a whirlwind surround him. How does local folklore regard whirlwinds?

What realization do whirlwinds help Antonio make about good and evil?

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Rudolfo Anaya’s Bless Me, Ultima is one of the best novels of initiation in the Chicano tradition. The novel presents a powerful story of a young boy moving toward adulthood; Antonio’s choices.

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Ultima’s owl is also one of the most important symbols in Bless Me, Ulitma because it represents Ultima’s spirit, who’s magical powers defy the beliefs of Antonio’s Catholic upbringing. The owl always seemed to be around while Ultima was performing important magical tasks. Prompt: Write a page essay in response to the novel, Bless Me, Ultima, by Rodolfo justappclose.tks the novel in terms of one of its characters. Rhetorical Elements Dialogue Flashback.

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Free Essay: Wisdom can only be gained through experience and clarified by speaking with others. In the novel, "Bless Me, Ultima," by Rodolfo Anaya. Sep 05,  · 1. Both Ultima and Narciso are called “magic” by various characters in the book. Compare and contrast the characters of Ultima and Narciso. How does Ultima’s brand of magic differ from Narciso’s? How are they alike? In what sense might each character be called “magic”? 2. .