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Good writing is about more than just grammar


❶Following a Metaphor A metaphor makes a comparison, and in doing so shapes our perception.

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These terms and conditions form part of the Agreement between you and the Company. Your accessing of this website and booking a task indicates your understanding, agreement to and acceptance, of these Terms and Conditions. What to expect on test day? Tips from the Expert! Request a re-mark How your score has been calculated? Complete the Writing Assist task and an English language expert will advise how you can improve your writing skills.

Talking spell checkers and electronic dictionaries can help a poor speller select or identify appropriate words and correct spelling errors during the process of writing and proofreading.

Talking devices "read aloud" and display the selected words onscreen, so the user can see and hear the words. Word prediction software can help a user during word processing by "predicting" a word the user intends to type. This prompts kids who struggle with writing to use proper spelling, grammar, and word choices, with fewer keystrokes.

The assistive technology products listed on our site have been compiled under the direction of Marshall Raskind, Ph. This does not represent a comprehensive list. The inclusion of any product is not intended as an endorsement. The information is provided to guide parents and educators in selecting products to meet children's specific needs. Author Interviews Meet your favorite authors and illustrators in our video interviews. Book Finder Create your own booklists from our library of 5, books!

Themed Booklists Dozens of carefully selected booklists, for kids years old. Nonfiction for Kids Tips on finding great books, reading nonfiction and more. Skip to main content. You are here Home. Kristin Stanberry , Marshall H. Related Tech Finder Tool from Understood. AT tools that assist with writing fall into several categories: Abbreviation expanders Used with word processing, these software programs allow a user to create, store, and re-use abbreviations for frequently-used words or phrases.

Access Keyboard, Gus Communications, Inc. TypeIt4Me Shareware Instant Text, Textware Solutions ActiveWords Penfriend Resources to help you evaluate assistive technology for your child Consumer Tips for Evaluating Assistive Technology Products Alternative keyboards These programmable keyboards have special overlays that customize the appearance and function of a standard keyboard.

Products to consider Intellikeys Resources to help you evaluate assistive technology for your child Consumer Tips for Evaluating Assistive Technology Products. Paper-based computer pen This technology records and links audio to what a person writes using the pen and special paper.

Portable word processors A portable word processor is lightweight device that is easy to transport e. Proofreading software programs Students who struggle with writing e.

Products to consider Most word processing software programs include proofreading programs. Resources to help you evaluate assistive technology for your child Consumer Tips for Evaluating Assistive Technology Products.

Speech recognition software programs A speech recognition program works in conjunction with a word processor. Products to consider Franklin Electronic Publishers - spelling and reference tools Clever Keys - free dictionaries and thesaurus online WordWeb Pro - dictionary and thesaurus Resources to help you evaluate assistive technology for your child Consumer Tips for Evaluating Assistive Technology Products.

All the pieces are in place, yet the writing lacks fluidity, rhythm, continuity. The methods used to achieve this fluid quality are called transitional devices. These techniques will help you emphasize the links between levels on a pyramid or between chunks on a cluster map.

The following guidelines are easier for some to follow than for others, but they can, with a little work, be learned by almost anyone.

Once learned, they'll become part of your permanent knowledge base like the multiplication tables or your best friend's phone number. You won't have to learn them twice. Everyone has an individual style, not only professional writers.

We all — the Hell's Angel in denim and leathers, the banker in pinstripes and bifocals — reveal our personalities and values in our appearance, in our possessions, and in our language. A metaphor makes a comparison, and in doing so shapes our perception. If we say, "Time is a river," we're noting a certain similarity between the two. Yet we know they aren't identical. We may mean that time is fluid, has currents and eddies, empties into some vast ocean, but not that it's composed of water.

If we say, "Time is a stone," we may mean it's silent, still, indifferent, but not that it's a mineral.

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