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Why customer perception is important for businesses

❶There is no word in the English language that ends with the sound -erceptible or equivalent except words that contain perceptible such as imperceptible or quasi-perceptible. The last three are the voice perception.

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Everybody is exposed to more and more diverse information than ever before. That means it becomes more difficult for products and services to differentiate themselves from other offerings than ever before. Not only is the number of competitive offerings rising due to globalisation of production, sourcing, logistics and access to information.

Many products and services face new competition from substitutes and from completely new offerings or bundles from industry outsiders. Since product differences are closed at an increasing speed and many companies try to win the battle for customers by price reductions, products and services tend to become commodities.

On the other hand, customer behaviour becomes more hybrid. On one hand, customers are increasingly price sensitive — searching for bargains at marketplaces like ebay or buying their groceries at discount markets. On the other hand they enjoy branded and luxury goods. One and the same person may plan a weekend trip with a no-frills airline and a stay at a five-star-hotel.

In the result, customers have a wider choice of often less distinguishable products and they are much better informed. For many offerings the balance of power shifts towards the customer. Customers are widely aware of their greater power, which raises their expectations on how companies should care for them.

Bringing it all together, it becomes ever more difficult to differentiate a product or service by traditional categories like price, quality, functionality etc. In this situation the development of a strong relationship between customers and a company could likely prove to be a significant opportunity for competitive advantage. This relationship is not longer based on features like price and quality alone. Today it is more the perceived experience a customer makes in his various interactions with a company e.

Problems during a single transaction can damage a so far favourable customer perception. The consequence for companies is that they have to adapt their ways of competing for customers.

Traditionally, companies have focused their efforts of customer relationship management on issues like customer satisfaction and targeted marketing activities like event marketing, direct marketing or advertising. Although doubtless necessary and beneficial, these activities are not longer enough. They narrow the relationship between company and customer down to a particular set of contacts in which the company invests its efforts.

Most likely this will produce not more than a satisfied customer who is well aware of the companies offerings and has a positive attitude towards them. However, a satisfied customer is not necessarily a loyal one. If a customer is satisfied that means that a product of service has met his expectations and that he was not dissatisfied by it.

Customer satisfaction is doubtlessly very important. It is the precondition for repeat purchases and it prevents the customer from telling others about his disappointing experiences.

A loyal customer, however, is more than a customer who frequently purchases from a company. The difference is the emotional bond which links the customer so closely to the company that he develops a clear preference for these products or brands and is even willing to recommend them to others.

Loyal customers truly prefer a product, brand or company over competitive offerings. Thus loyalty goes beyond a rational decision for known quality or superior price-performance-ratio.

When the customer makes his buying decision, he evaluates the benefits he perceives from a particular product and compares them with the costs. The value a customer perceives when buying and using a product or service go beyond usability. There is a set of emotional values as well, such as social status, exclusivity, friendliness and responsiveness or the degree to which personal expectations and preferences are met. Similarly, the costs perceived by the customer, normally comprise more than the actual price.

They also include costs of usage, the lost opportunity to use an other offering, potential switching costs etc. Hence, the customer establishes an equation between perceived benefits and perceived costs of one product and compares this to similar equations of other products. Based on this, customer loyalty can be understood as to how customers feel about a product, service or brand and whether their perceived total investments with a it live up to their expectations.

The important point here is the involvement of feelings, emotions and perceptions. Customer perception is influenced by a variety of factors. Besides the actual outcome — i. Customer perception is dynamic. First of all, with the developing relationship between customer and company, his perceptions of the company and its products or services will change.

The more experience the customer accumulates, the more his perceptions will shift from fact-based judgements to a more general meaning the whole relationship gains for him. Determines appropriate sensory channel to use to transfer information.

Allows you to have better social skills and in a relationship when you have perception you understand the other person better and misunderstandings are less likely. What is the importance of perception in organizational behavior? Importance of Perception in an organization: It forms a basis for feeling and actions in the organization. It is science that makes new way for matching people in their job. Helps to avoid situations when perception becomes out of touch with reality.

What is the importance of perception in organization behavior? Organizational behavior is the study of how people interact withone another when in groups. Perception is important to look atbecause everyone will have their own perception on how things aredone and why. People's perceptions will impact and affect how theyact within their organization.

What is the halo perception? In some levels it snows, and in some levels it is just sunny. Most of the ttime though it is just sunny. Why is the study of perception important in the study of management in organizational behavior? Numeric Value of Perception. The last three are the voice perception.

Relevance of the social perception in perception? Social perception is important because it informs individualperceptions. People from the same community usually have similarperceptions on certain scenarios due to the influence of theirsociety.

Why is perception important in the workplace? Perception is organization, identification and interpretation ofinformation to understand an environment. Perception is importantin the workplace to help employees and employers alike tounderstand what they are doing.

Why perception is important? Perception is important for various reasons. The way one perceivessomething will determine how they will respond and act towards thatparticular thing. What is a Synonym for perceptions? I will supply a couple of words to assist you: What are sensation and perception? Sensation is the reaction of a receptor to stimulation whereas perception is the process of interpreting a stimulation.

What are perception problems? In the relationship sense, you could be said to have a perception problem if you frequently misunderstand people's body language, tone of voice or words so that you took one thing away from a situation when they meant something completely different.

For example, if someone is nice to you, you might get the idea that they are flirting when in fact maybe they are just being friendly.

What is importance of perception? A good Perception is very important to understand others. Conflicts occur because we fail to perceive others correctly. What importance of perception in business management? The importance is in product or service recognition and to have a positive view on your projected results.

Such as the very old "Mama Mia! That is a spicy meatball! This became the preferred choice for heartburn and upset stomaches as a result of this ad. Just recently, even though Senator Obama is a practicing Christian, there are some people that continue to think that he is Muslim.

Perception management is a very powerful tool that canlast for years, if not decades or beyond. It does not even have to have a basis in fact, what is being dealt with is the human mind to believe and to have this belief reinforced, the more times the better the imprint will remain. Little ducklings have the perception that "mama" duck is the one to follow for continued food and safety.

It is known that you can use a sock puppet to imprint this message on a ducklings mind and it will go where ever the sock puppet goes. If you have a commercial product and want it to outsell the rest of the products similar to it in the marketplace, you have to have a good perception manager to put together an effective advertising campaign for your success.

If you are not bothered by ethics or moral codes, your product can be the biggest success in the marketplace. For example look at the soft drink MOXIE, it tastes bad, but it was a success for a long period of time just on the ads that pushed the product.

So in brief, yes perception management is a very important tool for business management, because it can take a product or service out of the trash and put it into the success column financially. What is tactual perception? Tactual perception refers to the perception or sensing of an object purely by using sense of touch.

For example, reading with help of distal pads. What are the Characteristics of perception? Perception is a cognitive process. There are several steps starting from stimuli reception to reaction of the perciver.

Your 5 senses, and how your brain interprets the messages it receives from your senses. What is a perception? Perception means adding meaning to the sensation by the help of past experience. And it is a cognitive process. What is a false perception? A false perception is an erroneous conclusion, based on misleading perceptual information about what type of object one is facing or, in other words, misunderstanding what you have seen.

What is perceptive listening? Perceptive Listener - Attends concerts regularly and listens with concentration. Uses appropriate musical vocabulary, not lay terms like "mellow" or "upbeat," to describe music. Tries to develop an awareness of different musical styles and realizes that there are significant and valid differences among these styles.

The perceptive listener is open to all kinds of music. Realizes that music is created for many different purposes and by many different kinds of people. Really tries to understand the music and what makes it interesting before passing judgment on it.

Would never decide that she does not like a certain kind of music without having listened to it. Tries to learn something about the music before listening to a live or recorded performance of it. Is aware of the fact that a piece of music, regardless of style, might take some time to reveal its structure, meaning and beauty, and is therefore prepared to reserve judgment until she has heard it many times.

What is objective perception? Objective perception means perceiving reality, all that confronts our awareness, as it is. It is a matter of seeing things as they are, rather than seeing them from a certain point of view or position. So by objective we do not mean the scientific positivist sense, in which objective means what exists physically outside us rather than in the mind.

We also do not mean objective in the sense of not being emotional, or not being experiential. We mean seeing things, seeing internal or external things as they are, instead of subjectively.

Subjective is the antithesis; it means according to our positions, feelings, filters, beliefs and attitudes. So objective perception means pure perception, free from all positions, bias, filters, conflicts, intentions etc.

It is perceiving whatever it is without any obscuration or intermediacy, so we see it just the way it is in itself. State the importance of social perception? The importance of social perception is to enable a person to assess, identify and effectively respond to a person's needs by observing their facial expressions, body posture and position and their tone of voice when speaking. What are the perception barriers? Assuming others have control Avoiding Responsibility.

What is the characteristic of perception? Our internal experience shows immediately that sense cognition is not limited to the mere sensation of colors, sounds, odors, etc. For instance, I am aware that I possess an internal image of the Golden Gate Bridge, even if I am not there, and I remember things that happened yesterday.

What is the meaning of perceptable?

Customer loyalty and customer perception

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May 12,  · Best Answer: If anything is more important in any business than it is customer, more precisely customer perception. If your product/service meets customer perception than only you may retain the customer otherwise he will always try to find better place to see that his perception is being met Resolved.

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This perception may vary based on the customer or a certain demographic of customer. Customer perception can be developed from a variety of factors, such as their own personal experience or how they have heard other people experienced the product. The Internet has transformed how people experience brands and build their perceptions.

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Perception is important because everyone does things for different reasons, and often enough there are several opinions on a matter. It is always good to keep a variety of view points on human behavior as to always look at the . In short, customers want to feel like their issue is being taken care of diligently and fairly, whether or not they get the answer they want to hear. Customer satisfaction comes down to the customer’s perception of their experience with your company.

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Measuring customer satisfaction enables you to understand customer. Consumer behavior issues including perception, decision making, information search, attitudes, what is customer perception and why is it important answer beliefs, categorization, consumer research methods, learning. A marketing concept that encompasses a customer's impression, awareness and/or consciousness about a company or its offerings. Customer perception is typically affected by advertising, reviews, public relations, 5/5(1).