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Combustion Equation WS, 4. You will turn in your U4 Packet before taking the exam Day We can start class today at 8: Read Pgs in Ch. Laboratory Notebooks Where do we go from here? We will do the lab next class. End of 1st Quarter Day Do at least 4 Trials to determine the concentration of the unknown HCl solution using your Standardized 0.

Complete your analysis Day Reactions in Solutions 9 station review, 5. Have a great Thanksgiving Break: I am thankful to have the opportunity to work with all of you!!! Hess's Law Go to: Answers Here Read pages in Text. Read Hess's Law Lab and do pre-lab questions Day Finish Hess's Law Calcs by beginning of class next time. Let's make a learning team!!! I will tell you what sections of each question apply.

PracticeTest 1 Pager Homework: Properties of Acids and Bases 2. Acids and Bases Theories 3. Identifying Conjugate Acids and Bases 4. Ka and Kb Equilibrium Expressions 6. Acid and Base Equilibria 7. Strong and Weak Acids and pH 8. Calculating pH for Polyprotic Acids 9. How many pages does this unit contain?

This unit contains 10 student pages plus an answer key for every page. What will the format of each page be? Each page will be unique. Each is designed to roughly cover the material that I would teach in an hour long class period. These pages have been carefully designed in Illustrator. I have created a unique set of questions to help students to review material taught in class and think deeper about the material.

Many of the pages ask students to highlight or color something, to identify items in a diagram, to match related concepts, or interact with a topic in a new way. Many of the pages ask students to connect more than one concept; they are intended to help students see the bigger picture in each unit.

A few pages ask students to use the internet to do a little research. These homework pages are truly unique and separate from my activities. These homework pages will truly complement any activities or resources you already have or use in your class. How do I handle homework? I learned in my early teaching years that when I grade homework, I am rewarding students who copied off of their one studious friend the period before my class, and I am penalizing students who have limited educational time outside of school.

My students know that they will do better in my class if they do the homework and I care about effort more than being correct. Ask chemistry questions anytime and get help instantly. With online chemistry tutoring you're able to improve your grades on your schedule.

We know that great scores take work. That's why we design our courses to be efficient, targeted and strategic so you make the most of every minute you spend prepping. Our experts know how to design lessons based on how you're learning. We love our teachers, and so will you.

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Chemistry is a difficult course for many students. This is a Pre-AP/GT course that is fast paced and rigorous, so it is important that students do their homework . Cp Chemistry homework, assignments and important information. Mrs. Durham's Chemistry Website. Search this site. CP Chemistry Hmwk Calendar; CP Worksheets; Pre-AP Chemistry Hmwk Calendar; Pre-AP Worksheets; CSF - California Scholarship Federation Pre-AP Chemistry‎ > ‎ Pre-AP Chemistry Hmwk Calendar.

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teachers in the library to help students that need extra tutorials in science. Materials needed for Pre-AP Chemistry: All students should bring all supplies to class each day. Pre-Med GPA Booster ; Need a test prep tutor? Call us: ; 24/7 Chemistry Tutors. Stuck on a chemistry assignment? Tell us your homework question, and we'll connect you with an online chemistry tutor who can help. With online chemistry tutoring you're able to improve your grades on your schedule. Looking for AP® Chemistry help.