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what is the main thesis of lies my teacher told me?

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❶As a result, history textbooks give students the impression that people like Christopher Columbus and George Washington were greater than life figures.

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A lot of books used to teach history in high school neglect to include the entire information on events that formed the United States. Reading some essays from the book Lies My Teachers Told Me helped me open my eyes and see how wrong history is taught in high school; we as citizens need to do the proper research and spread the knowledge among peers to create socially aware generations.

Most of the time American history isolates children of color by ignoring the fact that many of the people who contributed greatly to this country were non-white. In a sense, one can say that this contributes to the majority of high school students thinking of white as superior to other races.

They think that no other races made great contributions in building this nation. This mentality can be seen as an immediate effect of history classes omitting details about other races major contributions to the country. The case of John Brown is a good example of something that might reflect badly to our national character. He was an American abolitionist who believed armed revolution was the only way to overthrow slavery in the United States.

The name John Brown was never mentioned in any of my history classes. After learning about John Brown, my perspective of things changed and it made me see that the people who are responsible for putting the books in high school classrooms, are trying to keep students at a margin in which nobody can learn anything about rebels who used violence to make a statement about inequalities lived in the United States.

Omitting this historical fact from books and not permitting teachers to give students the knowledge about John Brown makes it seem that they want to keep people under control and avoid some kind of revolution. That is because, until these days there is a lot of inequalities but seems like everybody just goes along with their life and overlook many inequalities that are going on in our nation and the world.

The study of history in high school is mostly all about facts and dates. Students find this to be irrelevant and have a difficult time to make the connection between history to their daily lives. Therefore, making history really boring and the material presented does not really challenge any student to think critically and analyze history. The topic of social class is never touched in high school, which is something that everybody relates to.

It makes you analyze how we live and that is something that affects our daily lives. In high school most students are fed the idea that everybody has an equal chance to achieve success through education, but there is an inequality that puts people of higher social status in an advantage to achieve better scores in tests given in high school.

People of color in this country have never had an equal chance to thrive the way white people have. History classes in high schools lead students to believe that everything is okay, so students are not troubled. This view of history holds the American idea of individualism rather than looking at the many factors that affected lack of equal opportunity. High school history courses make us believe that equal opportunity was and is an option for all when the reality is very different.

A lot students and people still do not know this, it is important to spread this kind of knowledge among people we know in an attempt to make them socially aware. By students understanding this, it would make it easier to make a change and achieve many of their goals.

Textbooks ignore many historical realities for a variety of reasons. Moreover, Americans are always shown to be the hero and they are never in the wrong — bad things just happen to them. Columbus, Thanksgiving, slavery, Lincoln, the Vietnam War, etcetera. None of these textbooks mention that Thomas Jefferson owned slaves and also raped some of his slave women or that Japanese Americans were confined in concentration camps during World War II.

James Loewen blames textbook editors, writers, publishers, and even teachers for students not knowing enough accurate information, too much inaccurate information, and not caring about any information. Along with his critique, he also suggests some historical events that might add to existing themes and also some themes that might serve as replacements to inaccurate information.

Lies My Teacher Told Me was a work of simple brilliance. Although it was not the fastest read in the world, I found that it was definitely an important read; it was definitely an eye-opener.

Countless times while reading this novel, I realized how much U. James Loewen acknowledges the information inside of these history textbooks, corrects most of the wrong information presented in these textbooks, and advises how we might want to move in a direction where history is more likely to give students a more realistic picture of who Americans are and who Americans were.

As a student, reading this book really made me angry at all the textbook publishers, editors, writers, and even history teachers who are all giving countless number of children across America an education that is made up of lies.

I have to admit this book has had a profound impact on me. It really made me question the authority and power we give our education system in America — obviously it is not always accurate and we should not always trust the information that is blatantly handed to us. You can easily tell that he clearly knows what he is talking about, whether he is talking about the mistreatment of the American Indians by European settlers or how Helen Keller was a radical socialist and also a member of the Socialist Party.

Loewen is a very engaging author, who understands how to emphasize his points effectively and captivate his readers. His writing is simple and straightforward and extremely descriptive. Below is one of my favorite passages from the novel, and goes to show you that he, Prof. Loewen, is one amazing writer: James Loewen proves himself to be a superb writer, showing off both his skill and talent as a novelist, but also being very intelligent in the numerous topics he writes about.

However, I felt that there were a few areas where he could have worked a littler harder on to make the book a much stronger read. In many sections of the novel, Loewen seemed to get a little crazy with punctuation, such as exclamation points — literally every sentence ended in one for a straight page. It was very distracting as a reader; it was the equivalent of writing in all caps, which loses the readers attention and makes the point he is trying to convey seem silly and irrelevant.

Another problem I had with a few sections of the novel was that the writing did not always flow. Many sentences in a paragraph were awkward and disrupted the point Loewen was trying to make.

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Lies My Teacher Told Me Effect on Me There is a common expression that a lot of us have heard at least one time “don’t believe everything you read”, just because a book is written and published does not mean is always accurate. True historical facts can easily be transformed by adding or taking away details in order to see it only from a.

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