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Assignment Instructions & Rubric for Project Management


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Write instructions for performing a task and present the instructions with an introduction and illustrations, as appropriate you can refer to my lecture notes as well as the book chapter for specific guidelines.

As a result of using your instructions, a reader should be able to complete the task successfully and without frustration. Your instructions must meet the following criteria: You may have substeps. Audience and selection of task. Your classmates, or selected people among your classmates, are your audience.

You can assume knowledge of common tools and terms but not necessarily of specialized ones. You have to make them aware of the possible risks or dangers that could come about as a result of following through on the instructions. No recipes, but you could give instructions on using a specialized piece of cooking equipment, such as a wok, or on some specialized procedure for preparing food.

Use visuals that are clearly labeled and referred to and that aid in user comprehension of the instructions. Use a running header and page numbers to identify the project on each page. Your audience and assumptions should be clear from your introduction, but if additional information would help me evaluate your work, please let me know in a memo of transmittal. Keep in mind the following eight tips for completing this assignment successfully: Steps are complete instructions tell how, not just what to do.

Some Information on the Assignment Quantity Discounts and Seal Point Surfwear Download the materials included in the case exercise folder, which include the written case Word file and the shell Excel file. The case file 1 presents the problem or issue, 2 shows you how to design a model for developing solutions to the problem and 3 poses additional questions for you to solve using the model or additional creative thinking.

In this course, it is NOT a requirement for you to use Excel spreadsheets to solve the assignment questions. However, given that an Excel shell for the exercise is provided, I think if you try to use the shell that you will find Excel to be a very useful and convenient tool.

Use the model to help you answer the assignment questions. Note the tabs at the bottom of the Excel file. You may use one of these tabs for each question, including the Shell for question 1. You will need to copy the shell to each of the other tabs and then modify your input data depending upon the question you are answering.

Save the Excel file in the following form and then submit in the Assignment Drop Box on the course website: You must check your answers to make sure they fit in this range. I would suggest you use the Excel Print Preview function to make sure they fit. Many times I receive over pages for this assignment…that is not correct—somewhere around 9 or 10 pages is correct. The problem is formatting!

Points will be lost if the information does not fit on this size sheet. Theoretically, please think about the idea of printing this information for a report—it would all have to fit on this size sheet!

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View Homework Help - Group Assignment Instructions BFAdoc from BFA at Tasmania. BFA AUDIT AND ASSURANCE ASSIGNMENT Semester 2 INTRODUCTION The assignment is based on KNeoMedia Limited.

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In our experience, assignment instructions are a constant reference for the security officer and every bit as important as his or her licence and uniform. Having passed Basic Job Training, the assignment instructions become a familiar document which includes such important information as duties for the security staff, client details and.

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Assignment Instructions Read, research, and annotate words, phrases, and textual references in the speech. Research the rhetorical situation and the broader cultural, historical contexts of the speech, and explain how the rhetor responded to prevailing public opinions or concerns. This is an archived version of an Instructions Project assignment I used for WRTG in Fall To view their final projects, browse the Final Instructions Projects category on the class blog.

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QUANTITY DISCOUNTS AT SEAL POINT SURFWEAR Assignment Instructions Abstract Price discounts, economies of scale in transportation and ordering, and . This is a word document combining assignment instructions and other duties for Security Officers to perform with a licence to use all or part(s) of it as the basis for the instructions for your own organisation, saving you the hours and the tedium of writing them out for yourself.