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Among the Hidden Summary

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❶This is why Luke stayed hidden in the attic; it was too dangerous to come out and risk being seen.

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Jen is very educated, and she is informed on and opposed to the population laws. She is secretly organizing third children into a resistance movement, and planning for a rally by a large number of third children outside the seat of the government.

She asks Luke to join her, but he is scared and refuses, going back to his safe hiding place at home and waiting to hear from her about the rally.

But he does not hear from her. He waits, and a month passes with no word from Jen. He tells Luke that Jen is dead—she and all the other third children were brutally gunned down in front of the government office while protesting. Talbot was harboring a third child. Talbot is able to persuade them otherwise, while Luke hides in the closet. Later, he slips Luke a note saying the population police are spying on him, trying to catch him in his work against their goals so they can kill him.

He asks Luke if he wants a way out of his present situation in the form of a fake ID. This will allow him to live like a normal person. Luke accepts, and Mr. Talbot gets him the ID of a boy named Lee, the son of a rich family who died in an accident.

Accepting the new identity means Luke will have to leave his family. She has written more than thirty books in her twenty-year-plus career, and is best known for the Shadow Children series consisting of Among the Hidden and its six sequels, Among the Impostors, Among the Betrayed, Among the Barons, Among the Brave, Among the Enemy , and Among the Free , as well as for the time-travel series, The Missing, and the feminist fairytale, Just Ella.

Among the Hidden Summary. After I read this amazing series, I am hoping to read these outstanding novels. The lesson I learned during this book was not to betray your friends. When the police came, he checked their files and different names were posted and Jason was shocked and stammering.

Then, he got arrested and went to jail. I recommend this outstanding book to grade 6 and above. My favourite character is Luke because in both of the books because of his loving personality, he is nice, caring and respectful. He possess very good characteristic which will help him get good friends who will not tell on him on the population police because he is the third child, none of his friend does except Jason and he got his consequences.

However, even though they do that he still respects them and does what they want him to do. Finally, my favourite part in these books was when Luke was brave enough to talk to Jason gang and tell them they stepped on his garden but before that moment in his life he was a scary cat.

This showed me how much he changed from book one to book two. Unlike other series which the character usually has the personalities, but Jason was a different person. Among the Hidden Reflection. Accessed September 14,

by Margaret Peterson Haddix

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Essay about Among the Impostors - I have just read the book titled Among the Impostors. The author of this book is Margaret Peterson Haddix. This book is a sequel to Among the Hidden. In Among the Hidden, a boy named Luke is hiding from the world because he is an illegal third child.

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Among the Hidden Essay. BACK; Writer’s block can be painful, but we’ll help get you over the hump and build a great outline for your paper.

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Essay Topic 1. At the beginning of "Among the Hidden", the main character, Luke, is a quiet, powerless twelve-year-old. He knows nothing about the world he lives in because he's never been outside his own home. Analyze the character of Luke, exploring his maturity level and ideals at the beginning of the story. Among the hidden and Among the Impostors ( pages) “Among the hidden” and “Among the Impostor” is part of the phenomenal series called “The shadow children book.” This magnificent book is by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

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Among the Hidden is the book I read for this book report. It has pages and it is fiction. The book takes place on a farm over a one-year time period from late summer to late spring/5(1). Study Guide for Among the Hidden Among the Hidden study guide contains a biography of Margaret Peterson Haddix, literature essays, quiz questions, major .